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led display screen module repair repair of 4953

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led display screen module repair repair of 4953

Overview: Dual P-channel enhancement field effect tube 4953, providing low on-resistance at low gate charge, can be used in power management, as a load switch or PWM applications. In LED display applications, we are commonly known as line tube, 4953 control unit board a row of lamp beads whether the normal display. LED display in 2018 before most belong to the common anode screen, that is, the positive terminal of each line of lamp beads and 4953 output connection.

Main features:

1, ultra-high density cell.

2, low on-state resistance;

3, low gate capacitance;

4, fast switching speed;

5, high power and current output capability

Application areas:

1, power management;

2, load switching;

3, battery protection;

4, LED display.

Pin Definition.

Name Symbol Pin Name Pin No. Description

S1,S2    Logic power supply    1,3    connected to VCC

G1,G2   control pins          2,4     active low

D1,D2    output pins        5--8 output line power


   In display applications, pins 1, 3 are VDD; pins 2, 4 are low (L) before 56, 78 are output.

actual led display maintenance case: there are two lines are always on, do not exclude is the gate is broken, G1 and D1 conductive.

Example: conventional P10 monochrome cell board has four 4953, one control 4 lines, D1 control 2 lines of the first and the ninth line, D2 control 2 lines of the second and the tenth line.

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