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LED display repair starter chip of 74HC04

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LED display repair starter chip of 74HC04

Overview: 74HC04 is a high-speed CMOS device compatible with the low-power Schottky TTL circuit 74LS04, 74HC/HCT04 provides six inverting buffers. 74HC04 is containing six groups of identical inverters inside. That is, 1A input high level and 1Y output low level.

Wide supply voltage range from 2.0 V to 6.0 V

• CMOS low power dissipation

• 6-channel inverter

• High noise immunity

• Latch-up performance exceeds 100 mA per JESD 78 Class II Level B

• Complies with JEDEC standards:

• JESD8C (2.7 V to 3.6 V)

• JESD7A (2.0 V to 6.0 V)

• Input levels:

• For 74HC04: CMOS level

• For 74HCT04: TTL level

• ESD protection:

• HBM JESD22-A114F exceeds 2000 V

• MM JESD22-A115-A exceeds 200 V

• Multiple package options

• Specified from -40 °C to +85 °C and from -40 °C to +125 °C

Application area: Applicable to the signal inversion of digital circuits. 

Pin definition:

Practical application: In the actual maintenance case, there are some older LED display unit board will appear on the 74HC04 figure. Just we said earlier, 74HC04 is mainly for the role of inversion. For example, the old batch of unit board and the replacement of the maintenance of the unit board OE polarity just opposite, then we can add a 74HC04 in the maintenance of the unit board to take the inverse. It will be able to display the display screen output display consistent.

Doubt: some chips are 74HC04D, package identification only, ignore. The function is the same!

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