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How to choose a right outdoor led screen?

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With the growth of market demand and the rapid progress and maturity of outdoor LED display technology, the use of outdoor LED displays is becoming more and more commonplace, and they are widely used in outdoor media, shopping malls, real estate, education, hotels, intelligent transportation and other fields.

Outdoor LED display is one of the most effective tools in advertising. More and more companies regard the use of display screens as an integral part of their marketing strategies. In a highly competitive industry, you need to make your ads stand out. Placing your ad on a large digital screen will bring you more exposure.

So how to choose the right outdoor display screen for your project is very important.

P10 outdoor led screen application

This article is mainly to guide you how to choose the right outdoor display.

1.Waterproof IP65

This is the first question that comes to mind. Because there will be rain water directly on the surface of the screen when it is placed outdoors. Do you know how is the waterproofing of outdoor LED displays done?

The waterproof of outdoor LED display is mainly reflected in three aspects, the first is module to be waterproof, the second is cabinet to be waterproof, and the third is frame structure to be waterproof.

The most important point is that the cabinet is waterproof.First of all, no matter how well the frame structure is waterproof, there will always be a little leakage over time. Generally, the area of outdoor LED display is relatively large. In addition, the frame structure is exposed to the sun and rain, and changes in external conditions such as temperature can easily cause partial waterproofing failure.Then the module waterproof is potting silica gel between the LED light and the PCB board, but the module waterproof is only one-sided, and the power supply and other components in the box are not waterproof.Now there is only the cabinet. Generally speaking, if you want to buy an outdoor screen, it is best to choose an IP65 manufacturer (IP65-waterproof, shockproof and dustproof rating), because if the cabinet has a poor waterproof performance, the circuit inside is easy to be corroded, which directly affects the life of the outdoor LED display.

vibration detection

waterproof inspection

2.Choosing the correct brightness.

For outdoor LED displays, choosing the correct brightness for your LED screen is essential to optimize the viewer's visual experience. A screen that is too bright can cause discomfort to the viewer, and a screen that is too dark can hinder the visibility of content. If the brightness of the outdoor LED display is not high, the picture will not be clear under direct sunlight. 

Generally, when the screen faces the southwest, the screen brightness should not be lower than 4000cd/㎡; when the screen faces the northeast, the screen brightness should not be lower than 8000cd/㎡ to achieve a better display effect. If the budget allows, you can choose a product that automatically adjusts the screen brightness according to the outdoor natural light intensity. On the one hand, it can reduce power consumption and operating costs, and on the other hand, it can also reduce light pollution.

The standard brightness of an outdoor LED display is 5000CD, and only an outdoor LED display with a brightness of 5000CD can display clearly under sunlight. When purchasing an outdoor LED display, pay attention to whether the brightness of the display meets the outdoor display standard.

Energy saving led screen -aging test

3.The best viewing distance

Another key factor is the optimal viewing distance. It is the distance at which the image on the screen looks clear and without pixelation.A key factor affecting the optimal viewing distance is the pixel pitch. The lower the pixel pitch, the higher the resolution, and the clearer the image obtained.You can roughly estimate the ideal pixel pitch using the following formula: pixel pitch (mm)/(0.3 to 0.8) = best viewing distance (mm).

4.What is the maintenance access of an led screen?

The rear maintenance screen requires a space behind the screen to enter the interior. If you are installing a rear maintenance LED screen, be sure to leave room for people to enter and exit and open the door.

The LED front maintenance screen is specially designed for wall (no space to enter behind the screen) installation or similar scenes, and we will touch its internal components from the front. The front maintenance screens are slightly more expensive than the back type because they integrate a mechanism that allows front access.

outdoor led screen-front maintenance module

outdoor led screen-front maintenance-front open cabinet

outdoor led screen-rear maintenance

5.How to control your outdoor led screen?

Synchronous control card

This kind of LED control card requires a computer system to display advertising media on the LED display. This type of control card is suitable for applications that need to change the display media frequently or need to display a large amount of media on it (such as huge outdoor TVs or huge billboards). 

Asynchronous control card

Unlike the synchronous control card, the asynchronous control card does not require any computer to control. All advertising media are stored in the internal memory, and then the control card plays according to the programmed schedule. This type of control card is suitable for any application that does not need to be updated daily, such as commercial LED displays, LED school signs, and LED displays behind windows. This type of control card can provide USB, cable, Wi-Fi or GPRS options.

6.LED display power consumption

One of the most important things you should consider before buying an LED screen or LED display is the power consumption and the ongoing cost of electricity. Especially the high-brightness outdoor LED display, the power consumption is more concerned. One of the questions we are often asked is, what is the power consumption of the LED display? To answer this question, we need to know the power consumption and the number of pixels of each pixel of the LED screen.

Maximum power consumption of LED pixels

Theoretically, LED pixels work at 5V and pass a current of 20mA. Therefore, the energy consumption of each pixel will be 5V×20mA=0.1W. Knowing the usage of each individual pixel, it is easy to calculate the total consumption of the LED screen.

There are some energy-saving LED displays that use new technologies, and the use of a lower voltage of 2.8V for LED pixels leads to a nearly 50% reduction in energy consumption.

However, the question is how much you can save with energy-saving LED displays. Depending on the electricity bill and the total size of the electronic sign, using an outdoor LED display with 750W/m2 may cost hundreds of dollars a year. Take a 2m x 1m LED display, if it works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the average brightness and power consumption are 400W/m2, then 2 m2×400 W/m2×24hr×365 days = 7000kW/year . Taking into account the electricity cost of 0.2 USD/kW, it will cost approximately 1,400 USD per year. Therefore, energy-saving LED displays can save 700 US dollars per year. If the size of the display screen is larger, the electricity cost will be saved more.

energy saving power suppy

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