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How to make the LED display more HD? should be improved from these aspects.

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How to make the LED display more HD? should be improved from these aspects.

    led display since its birth has been widely concerned, with the most recent years of research and development technology, production technology and installation technology continues to progress, has been recognized by the application of various industry sectors. led display production and maintenance is also required expertise, how to achieve high-definition display it?

To achieve high-definition display must have four factors: First, the playback of the display material required full HD (from the earliest 720P, 1080P, to the current 4K, 8K video source material. From a single display screen, to the current 3D creative display screen. (These have made great progress in terms of material.) Second, the monitor and independent graphics card, computer console requirements can support full HD (this includes the current high-performance graphics card, HD data line.) Three is to reduce the led display point spacing, improve the number of light pixels per unit area to display; prompt the picture more clear and delicate. Fourth is led display and video processor combination, providing control equipment to restore color, screen display capabilities, and image processing functions. At present, the LED full-color display is also moving toward a more high-definition display. The following are some requirements for the enhancement of display performance.

1, improve the contrast of LED full-color display, contrast is one of the key factors affecting the visual effect, generally speaking, the higher the contrast, the clearer and more eye-catching images, the more vivid and colorful. High contrast for image clarity, detail performance, gray level performance are of great help. In some black and white contrast text, video display, high contrast full color LED display in black and white contrast, clarity, integrity and other aspects have advantages. Contrast for dynamic video display effect to be more influential, because the dynamic image of light and dark conversion is relatively fast, the higher the contrast, the easier for the human eye to distinguish such a conversion process. In fact, the contrast of LED full-color screen is mainly to improve the brightness of the full-color LED display and reduce the screen surface reflectivity, but the brightness is not the higher the better, too high, but will be counterproductive, not only will affect the life of the led display, but also cause light pollution. Light pollution has become a hot topic now, too much brightness will have an impact on the environment and people. Full-color LED display LED panel and LED light-emitting tube for special process, can reduce the LED panel reflectivity, but also can improve the contrast of the full-color LED display.

2, improve the LED full-color display grayscale level grayscale level refers to the brightness level that can be distinguished between the darkest and the brightest in the LED full-color screen single primary color brightness, the higher the grayscale level of the full-color LED display, the richer the color, the more brilliant the color; conversely, the display color is single and simple change. The improvement of gray level can greatly enhance the color depth, making the image color display level increase geometrically. 14bit~16bit LED gray control level makes the image level resolution details and display effect of high-end display products have reached the world advanced level. With the development of hardware technology, LED grayscale level will continue to develop to a higher control precision.

3, reduce the LED full-color display point spacing reduce the LED full-color display point spacing, can well improve its clarity, the smaller the point spacing of full-color LED display, the more delicate its screen display. However, this, there must be mature technology as the core support, its input costs are relatively large, the production of full-color LED display prices are also high, but fortunately, the market is now also towards the development of small-pitch led display. Atop we have a very large advantage in the small pitch display market, now mature products, indoor led displayP1.25, P1.5, P1.6, P1.8, P2P2.5P3P4. outdoor led display: P2.5, P3P3.33P4P5P6. and so on.

4,LED full-color display and video processor combined with LED video processor can use advanced algorithms to retouch the signal of poor image quality, perform a series of processing such as de-interlacing, edge sharpening, motion compensation, etc. to enhance the details of the image and improve the quality of the picture. The use of video processor image scaling processing algorithms to ensure that the video image after the scaling process, the maximum degree of image clarity and gray level to maintain. In addition, the video processor is also required to have a wealth of image adjustment options and adjustment effects for image brightness, contrast, grayscale processing to ensure that the screen output a soft and clear picture.

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