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Outdoor Rental Hard connection LED Screen

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What is the hard connection of LED display? What are the advantages of hard connection of LED screen?

We often encounter the term hard connection in the LED display project, and many customers do not know what hard connection means, nor do they know what its advantages are, and where it differs from ordinary connection methods.

In fact, the so-called hard-connected LED display is a concept introduced in recent years, in simple terms, hard connection is all the connection lines are integrated in the box or module, in the installation is not required to connect the line, only need to plug all the modules or boxes in accordance with the interface can reduce the bondage of the line, installation is also faster, aesthetic increased a lot.

At present, the traditional connection method LED display is composed of boxes or modules, a box is about equal to the size of four modules, in the splicing between them to be connected through the signal line and the power line, so as to achieve signal sharing, so that the image can be enlarged. Under traditional circumstances, the connection is in the LED display module or box behind the wired slot, the need for technical personnel to connect one by one, so we see this traditional structure after installation in the LED display behind the scattered distribution of many lines, looks more chaotic, while the installation is also more laborious, the need to plug and plug one by one, resulting in longer installation time, At the same time, if there is a problem in the later stage, it is difficult to troubleshoot.


What is hard connection?

In order to change the traditional way of soft connection with a variety of lines, a more beautiful and simple hard-connected LED display structure is introduced, it puts all the lines all concentrated in the box or module inside, so that you can't see any lines on the surface, but there are two interfaces on the upper and lower side, technicians only need to connect the interface directly together during installation. In this way, installation and maintenance can be achieved either on the side or behind the LED screen.

At present, the hard-connected LED display is mostly a box structure, and of course, there are modules that use hard-connected, which greatly integrates the collectibility of the LED structure, making the entire installation easier.

Advantages of hard connectivity

The hard connection of the LED display has no line, on the one hand, the installation speed is improved, on the other hand, it also reduces the occurrence of some after-sales problems caused by the fault of the line, thereby reducing the after-sales rate. In addition, there is no connection of various lines, which also makes the entire LED display more beautiful and looks more tidy. At the same time, the hard connection of the LED display can also realize the pre-maintenance installation, so that there is no need to reserve the maintenance space after installation, which greatly saves the space requirements and makes maintenance more convenient.

In fact, the hard connection of the LED display is to integrate the line in the box or module, reduce the bondage of the line, make the installation more simple, the screen is more beautiful, and the after-sales is more convenient. With its advantages continue to reflect, the hard-connected structure of the LED screen has gradually become a mainstream connection method.

What's main features of hard connection led screen?

Perfect Cabinet Design With Each Part

ATOPLED hard connection Rental LED display series is designed with aesthetics and industrial idea. excellent product came in all details from cabinet handle. cabinet fxied slot, fast lock, magnet adsorption module, module installation knob, Power& signal connector, detachable power boxing, and more

hard connection led screen cabinet

Modular HUB Design

ATOPLED MC series LED display panel has independent power box. LED modules areconnected to HUB card without cables. lt is easier and convenient for assemble andmaintenance

hard connection led screen cabinet

Support Curved Installation

ATOPLED MC rental LED panel can make curved LED display and circle LED display, both concave and convex are available, and 72 pcs LED panels can make a 360°circle LED screen.

curved installation

Corner Protector for LED

Front service LED panels has four corner protectors in each corner to prevent LED to be damaged, more security for transport, installation, operation, assemble & disassemble foldable design, and easy to use.

corner protector for led

Fine die-casting aluminum cabinet and Seamless Splicing

seamless splicing

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