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LED display screen module repair driver IC MBI5024, MBI5124

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LED display 16-bit constant current driver-MBI5024, MBI5124

      MBI5024, MBI5124

     16 Channel Constant Current LED Driver with Ghosting Elimination

      With PrecisionDrive™ technology, MBI5124 is designed for LED displays which require to operate at low currentand to match the luminous intensity of each channel. It provides supply voltage and accepts CMOS logic input at3.3V and 5.0V to meet the trend of low power consumption. MBI5124 contains a serial buffer and data latches whichconvert serial input data into parallel output format. At MBI5124 output stage, sixteen regulated current ports aredesigned to provide uniform and constant current sinks for driving LEDs within a large range of VF variations.Besides, MBI5124 integrates the pre-charge circuit which can relieve the ghosting.

     The MBI5024 is a driver IC designed for LED display panels using PrecisionDrive technology, with built-in CMOS shift buffer and bolt lock function to convert serial input data into screen line output data format. The current is controlled to 0.1% per volt as the output withstand voltage Vds varies, and the current is controlled to 1% by the attack voltage and ambient temperature/user can adjust by choosing external resistors with different resistance values. The MBI5024 can adjust the current level of each output stage by choosing different resistors, so that the user can precisely control the brightness of the LED. In addition, the MBI5024 also provides a high clock frequency of 25MHZ to meet the system's needs for large amount of data transmission.

       MBI5124 provides users with great flexibility and device performance while using MBI5124 in their system design forLED display applications, e.g. LED panels. It accepts an input voltage range from 3.3V to 5V and maintains aconstant current up from 1mA to 25mA determined by an external resistor, Rext, which gives users flexibility incontrolling the light intensity of LEDs. MBI5124 guarantees to endure maximum 17V at the output port. The highclock frequency, 25 MHz, also satisfies the system requirements of high volume data transmission.


· 16 constant-current output channels

· Constant output current invariant to load voltage change: Constant output current range: 3-45mA@VDD=5V; 3-30mA@VDD=3.3V

· Excellent output current accuracy: between channels: ±1.5% (typ.) and ±2.5% (max.) between ICs: ±1.5% (typ.) and ±3% (max.)

· Output current adjusted through an external resistor

· Fast response of output current, OE (min.): 70ns with good uniformity between output channels

· Staggered delay of output

· 25MHz clock frequency

· Schmitt trigger input

· 3.3V/ 5V supply voltage

· “Pb-free & Green” Package

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