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How to prevent static electricity for LED display

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In the autumn and winter season, the weather is getting too much dry which is easy to cause static electricity. Although electrostatic discharge (ESD) does not cause life danger to the human body, but it can easily cause fatal damage to semiconductor products such as LED displays.


-What is the harm of static electricity to led display:

    1. Making led lamp fault

    2. Making driving IC fault

    3. Reduce led and IC chip lifespan

How the static electricity make led/IC failure

The voltage cased by static electricity between two or more pins of the LED product component (LED and Driving IC) exceeds the breakdown strength of the component medium, causing serious damage to the component and loss of function.


What we can do to prevent static electricity for LED display

1.When do production, asking all workers wearing electrostatic rings to operate led screen

2.When touching LED products, keep the correct method of handling, and do not directly touch the PCB board and the electronic components on it.

3.LED display products should always be stored in anti-static bags or containers

4.During transportation, the delivery vehicle shall be grounded, and the box or other equipment shall have conductive wheels or drag links.

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