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How To Replace The Broken LED Lamps of ATOPLED Outdoor Led Display Module?

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When your outdoor LED display module encounters issues with individual lamps, timely repair is essential to ensure its stable operation and the delivery of clear visuals. Below is a professional guide on repairing lamps in LED outdoor display modules, designed to help you swiftly and effectively address lamp failures and maintain a dazzling display.


Begin by carefully examining the LED module, noting the condition of each lamp—whether it is off, flickering, or displaying abnormal colors. This initial assessment aids in pinpointing the source of the issue and provides clear direction for the subsequent repair.

Power Connection Check

Ensure a secure and reliable power connection for the LED module. Inspect the power cables to eliminate any power-related issues affecting the lamps. A stable power supply is fundamental to the proper functioning of an outdoor LED display.

Lamp Replacement

Based on your assessment, select LED lamps of the appropriate specifications for replacement. Use professional tools with caution to avoid damaging other components during the replacement process. After replacement, verify that the connections are secure.

Lamp Testing

Upon completing the lamp replacement, restart the LED outdoor display and carefully observe the repaired lamps. Confirm that their brightness and colors match those of surrounding lamps to maintain a consistent display effect.

System Monitoring

To prevent similar issues from recurring, it is advisable to conduct regular system monitoring of the LED outdoor display. Monitor parameters such as temperature and current to ensure the LED lamps are operating within normal ranges.

Below video is to bring you a demonstration of How to repair the dead LEDs on your outdoor led display module while the four PCB pads are also missing?

Repair tools :

soldering iron, screwdriver, solder wire, tweezers, air gun ,multimeter,502 glue,scissors and enameled wire.


Using the solder iron to melt the solder,then remove the dead LED.

We found there are four PCB pads also missing, now we need to clean the PCB board with the soldering iron first.


Pick up a new led,please pay attention to the right direction of the new led,there is positive and native on the led.

Add some 502 glue on the new led,make it more tight.


The four missing PCB pads are red,green,blue and positive,we need to use flying wire to repair them.

Firstly,adding some solder to the pixel next to it,then weld up the enameled wire.Since our enameled wire is insulated,before flying the wire,we need to use soldering iron to add some solder to wire first.then solder the enameled wire to the leg of the pixel.use the scissors to cut the extra enameled wire,add some solder to the wire and solder it up to the new led,now the first leg solder completed.

Then we follow this way to repair others of the new led.


After all solder completed,we can test the led module,if there is a dead pixel/lack of color/other issue,re-solder will be needed.

if single color and scan lines work properly,Then the flying wire repair is successfully done.

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