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How To Choose The Best LED Screen For Stages And Event?

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How To Choose The Best LED Screen For Stages and Events?

Nowadays, high-definition and brightly colored LED displays have become an indispensable display device in major events. They provide excellent visual effects and appeal, effectively grabbing the audience's attention and enhancing the atmosphere of the event.

By reading this article, you will have an in-depth understanding of the application and selection techniques of LED displays in large-scale events, helping you make better use of this advanced technology to add color to your events.

stage event led screen

1. What role does LED display play in your event ?


LED display screens play an important role in various activities. Its full-color, high-brightness, high-definition and dynamic display characteristics have become an indispensable element in activities.

(1)Information transmission and publicity

LED video walls can clearly convey event-related information, such as time, location and schedule, improving the efficiency of information transmission.

At the same time, enhance participant interest and enhance event promotion by playing eye-catching advertisements and videos introducing event highlights.

(2)Real-time update

The LED large screen of the event can update event progress, results, awards and other information in real time, allowing participants to obtain the latest news in a timely manner.

(3) Stage effect

In performing arts activities, LED display screens become part of the stage scenery. Through flexible display effects and changing images and videos, they enhance the visual impact of the performance and bring a richer and more shocking audio-visual experience to the audience.

(4) Product sponsor

As an effective publicity channel, LED display screens can play sponsors’ advertisements and logos to increase brand exposure. For event organizers, such a publicity platform can attract more sponsors and bring more support to the event.

(5) Flexibility and versatility

The large LED screen can flexibly adjust the display content as needed and support various media formats. It is suitable for concerts, sports events, conferences, exhibitions and other activities to meet the needs of different occasions.

2. What are the types of LED active displays?

     There are many types of LED displays to choose from for use at events. Here are some unique types of active LED screens:

1. LED rental screen

     LED screen rental is easy to install and disassemble, making it very suitable for short-term activities. After the event, you can quickly disassemble it and move it to the next venue.

     The pixel pitch of the indoor rental LED display is P1.953mm to P4.81mm, and the pixel pitch of the outdoor rental LED display is P2.976mm to P5.95mm.

stage event led screen1

2. Flexible LED screen

     Flexible LED display modules are highly flexible and can be bent and folded to adapt to various curved surfaces and special-shaped designs. Its extremely high flexibility provides more design space for creators, while also bringing unique visual enjoyment to the audience.

     Creative flexible LED screens are suitable for exhibitions, theatrical performances, fashion shows and other activities that require non-traditional shapes and innovative designs.

stage event led screen2

3. Floor tile LED display

     The floor tile LED display has a non-slip surface, high refresh rate and flexible content display to create an immersive visual experience for dancers and audiences. In addition, combining the interactive floor tile LED display with the stage background LED screen will bring unexpected surprises!

     High-definition floor tile LED screens are widely used in nightclubs, parties, weddings and other occasions to add movement and atmosphere to the dance floor.

stage event led screen3

4. Transparent LED screen

     The transparent LED display screen has high transparency, and the environment behind it can be seen through the display screen. Its thin design and high degree of customization allow it to adapt to the decorative needs of different occasions, showing a unique sense of fashion.

     You can use LED transparent screens in exhibitions, commercial windows, stage performances and other activities, which can display content without blocking the view.

stage led screen

3. In what activities is the LED screen suitable for use?

     LED screens have shown their unique advantages in different event occasions. The following are some typical event occasions where LED screens are suitable for use:

1. Stage LED screen

     Stage background LED screen: In stage performance activities such as concerts and concerts, LED screens can be used as backgrounds to display colorful visual effects and enhance the atmosphere and enjoyment of the performance.

     Floor LED screen: An LED screen suitable for stage floors, which can present dynamic patterns and effects, adding visual highlights and interest to stage performances.

     Ceiling LED screen: The LED screen installed on the top of the stage can achieve 360-degree omnidirectional projection, bringing an immersive audio-visual experience to the audience.

stage event led screen5

2. Wedding LED screen

     In weddings, celebrations and other occasions, LED screens can be used to play the couple’s love story, photo collections and carefully planned video content, adding a warm and romantic atmosphere to the scene, making the wedding more memorable and touching.

stage event led screen6

3. Sports LED display

     Perimeter LED display: LED display used in stadiums, sports venues and other places, which can display game progress, performance statistics and event advertisements in real time, improving the viewing and interactivity of the event.

     LED scoreboard: As one of the essential equipment in sports competitions, LED scoreboard can clearly and accurately display the current score, time and other information of the game, providing timely data reference for audiences and contestants.

stage event led screen 7

4. Exhibition LED screen

     At various exhibitions and exhibitions, LED screens can be used to display corporate products, brand videos and attractive advertising content to attract the attention of exhibitors and enhance the attractiveness and participation of the booth.

stage event led screen 8

5. Conference LED wall

     In large-scale conferences, forums and other occasions, the LED wall can be used to display the speaker’s PPT content and project the meeting discussion content in real time to improve the information transmission effect of the meeting and the participation of participants.

stage event led screen9

4. How to choose the right LED display for your event?

     Choosing the right LED display is crucial to the success of your event. Here are some considerations to help you choose the right LED display for your event:

type of activity

     Different types of activities require different types of LED displays. For example, stage performances may require high-resolution and high-brightness LED screens, while exhibitions may pay more attention to screen size and mobility.

Venue size and layout

     Consider the size and layout of the event venue to determine the size and number of LED displays required. For large venues or open-air venues, a larger screen size may be required to ensure the content is clearly visible to everyone in the audience.

Audience perspective and distance

     Determine your audience’s location and viewing distance to choose the right pixel density. For close viewing situations, a screen with a higher pixel density is needed to ensure clarity.

Brightness and contrast

     Consider the lighting conditions of the event venue and choose an LED display with suitable brightness and contrast to ensure that content can be clearly displayed in various environments.

Mobility and installation options

     Choose the appropriate LED display installation method according to the temporary nature of the event and site restrictions. Some occasions may require movable LED screens, while others may choose fixedly installed screens.


     Last but not least are budget considerations. Choose the most suitable LED display based on your budget constraints and balance the relationship between price and performance.

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