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How much do you know about floor LED screens?

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What is a Floor LED Display?

A floor LED display is a personalized LED screen specially designed for floor display. Compared with the traditional LED display, the floor LED display adopts a special design in terms of load-bearing, protection performance, and heat dissipation performance. Its purpose is to make the floor tile screen adaptable to high-intensity stepping and long-term stable operation.

With the continuous advancement of technology, LED display developers to combine display technology and sensing technology to develop an interactive led floor tile screen. The interactive led floor screen is equipped with pressure sensors, capacitive sensors, infrared sensors, and other equipment based on ordinary floor tile screens.

With the help of modern technology, the LED floor tile screen provides a more efficient means for stage performances, creating a more dreamy stage effect. At the same time, it also brings a more comfortable viewing experience to the audience.

If your project does not require an interactive system, the LED floor tile screen can use a common control system, such as Novastar, Colorlight, and Linsn. You need to pay attention to the load-bearing and outdoor waterproof problems of the dance floor screen. The following picture is an installation diagram of a common floor LED screen.

floor led screen

floor led screen

What are features and advantages of LED Floor Display?

Flexible & Fast Installation

Our led dance floor screen is light-weight design with only 9kg/pc. Slim aluminum die-casting cabinet 500×500mm and 500×1000mm with 80mm thickness only. Seamless splicing is working for perfect and complete picture with our unique led dance floor display. All features makes for easy and fast installation.

floor led screen

floor led screen

Front Maintenance

Our led dance floor display employs front maintenance design and solution. It can make fast maintenance and replacement with such design. No need professional technician and device, simple and user-friendly for customers.

front maintenance floor led screen

front maintenance floor led screen

High Contrast Ratio

The special effect of led dance floor screen in the stage performance has been used fully and vividly, creating an audio visual feast that is magnificent and modern. We supply high bright SMD LED for led floor tile screen, which makes led dance floor display a good effect.

floor led screen

High Load-Bearing Performance

The led floor tile screen is designed with anti-slip super PC cover and the bearing weight is 2000kg/㎡. The advanced glue filling technology is used for PCB and the surrounding area of the module and waterproof rubber ring. It makes a IP65 high protection level for indoor and outdoor applications.

high load-bearing performance- floor led screen

Rail and Mounting Bracket Installation

Our led floor tile screen supports rail and mounting bracket installation. Rail installation is more convenient and faster; mounting bracket installation is more cost-saving.

installation steps

Convenient Control System

The dance floor supports HD player control, which is quiet convenient that customer can just control the display contentwith a simple mouse click.lt will easily and quickly display the cool and attractive effects to catch people's eyes.

convenient coontrol system

Who needs floor LED screens?

The floor LED screen brings a lot of passion and interactivity to the display field. Especially on the stage, in exhibitions, weddings, bars, fashion shows, large-scale concerts, and at some large-scale events. Its ground display has made it the favorite of ground stage design.

The floor LED screen is highly waterproof and can be installed in indoor and outdoor environments; it has a load-bearing capacity of more than 2000KG, and the car can be driven directly on it.

The floor LED screen is designed for visual display on the ground; it can play dynamic video on the ground, and its interactivity adds much fun and brings much attention.


The floor LED screen is a novel digital ground display device that achieves a high resolution and colorful display effect, completing the perfect combination of stage virtual landscaping and performance interaction; it uses a high-strength PC mask and a durable sheet metal support device. It has a load capacity of more than 2000KG, is non-slip and scratch-resistant, and can be stepped on directly. Floor LED displays are acceptable for various performance stages, including disco stages, T-shaped stages, theater stages, concert stages, and so on. The floor LED display allows performers to interact with and combine with the stage's ground, presenting the best performance to the audience.

application for floor led screen


The appearance of the floor LED display at the wedding scene added a lot of romantic plots to the wedding. When the newlyweds step on the LED display of the floor tiles and slowly walk to the main stage, flowers, fish, or their favorite things will appear underneath their feet, increasing their satisfaction and happiness for the wedding and making it an unforgettable experience.

Shopping mall

The installation of floor LED displays in shopping malls can increase traffic. The floor LED display screen, equipped with sensor equipment, can track people's movements and present real-time picture effects. When people walk on the floor LED display screen, effects like flowers opening under their feet will occur. It can attract more people to the mall, increasing traffic and sales at its stores.

application for floor led screen

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