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How to choose power supply for led display screen?

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What's led screen power supply?

As an integral part of the LED display, the LED switching power supply is mainly used to provide the necessary working current for the LED to ensure the normal display of the screen. The power supply is a frequently used part in the LED display, and its quality directly affects the light decay of the LED display and is related to the life of the LED display. Therefore, the power supply also has the title of "heart" of the LED display, which shows its importance. my country's LED display industry has been developed for more than 30 years, and the power supply required for LED displays has followed suit for more than 30 years. After years of development, its technology has become relatively mature, and it occupies a leading share in the global market. As a small subdivision field in the field of power supply, LED display power supply has been valued by many power supply companies with the development and growth of the LED display industry.

Different LED display application scenarios have different power requirements. For example, transparent screen products require the power supply to be made into a slender strip. The narrower the power supply is, the better the light transmission of the screen can be made, and the whole screen will be more beautiful. However, the maintenance cost of outdoor LED display products is high, requiring higher power supply reliability and longer life. As for the power supply installed inside the die-casting aluminum box, high efficiency and high power density are required, so the requirements for MOS, electrolytic capacitors and other components in the power supply are relatively high. Following the small pitch, the new 

display technology of Mini/Micro LED is becoming more and more mature, which puts forward higher requirements for the reliability of LED display power supply. In order to cope with new changes in the market, developing new power supply products has become a new goal of various power supply companies.

MW power supply for led screen

What are the characteristics of high-quality LED display power supply?

1) High reliability: Many LED display screens are installed at high altitudes, the power supply maintenance is inconvenient, and the maintenance cost is also high;

2) High efficiency: LED display is an energy-saving product, and the efficiency of the display power supply should be high. The efficiency of the power supply is high, its power consumption is small, the calorific value is small, and the temperature is reduced;

3) High power factor: The power factor is the requirement of the grid for the load. Although the low power factor of a single consumer with low power has little impact on the power grid, if the load of the same type is too concentrated, it will cause serious pollution to the power grid;

4) Surge protection: The ability of LED display to resist surge is relatively poor, especially the ability to resist reverse voltage. It is also very important to strengthen the protection in this respect. Some LED displays are installed outdoors, such as outdoor advertisements installed on high-rises. Due to the load of the grid and the induction of lightning strikes, various surges will invade from the grid system, and some surges will cause damage to the LED display. Therefore, the LED display power supply must have the ability to suppress the intrusion of the surge and protect the LED display from damage;

5) Protection function: In addition to the conventional protection function of the LED display power supply, it is recommended to increase the temperature negative feedback in the power output to prevent the temperature from being too high; it must meet the requirements of safety regulations and electromagnetic compatibility;

6) Good temperature characteristics (high): high power density and the influence of environmental temperature in winter and summer cannot make the LED display power supply work abnormally;

7) Good (high) humidity characteristics: it must withstand the test of high humidity weather such as sauna days;

8) Good (high) anti-interference performance: power grid fluctuations such as lightning strikes, overvoltage and overcurrent cannot damage the LED display power supply.

power supply for led screen

power supply for led screen

How to correctly identify and choose a qualified power supply for an LED display screen?

The LED display power supply is an important part of the power supply system. Choosing a qualified and reliable power supply can significantly improve the energy saving effect and service life of the LED display. So how to correctly identify and choose a qualified LED display What about the power supply?

1. Choose the LED display power supply based on the appearance process

A good power supply manufacturer is also very strict with its workmanship, because only in this way can the batch consistency of products be guaranteed. An irresponsible manufacturer, the appearance, tin surface, and orderly arrangement of components of the power supply produced will definitely not be good.

2. Choose LED display power supply from full load efficiency

The efficiency of the power supply is the most important indicator. A high-efficiency power supply has a high energy conversion rate, which not only meets the requirements of energy conservation and environmental protection, but also can actually save electricity and money for users.

3. The output voltage ripple of the constant voltage power supply is large

The size of the ripple has a great impact on the life of the electrical equipment, and the smaller the ripple, the better.

4. Observe the temperature rise when the power supply is working

The temperature rise affects the stability and life of the power supply, the lower the temperature rise, the better the temperature rise. In addition, it can also be seen from the efficiency aspect that the general efficiency high temperature rise will be small.

5. Pay attention to the margin reserved for power products

Due to the properties of LED display products, instantaneously changing currents are usually generated when playing videos or pictures, which puts forward relatively strict requirements for LED power supplies. Usually, in order to ensure the normal broadcasting of the display screen, it is necessary to reserve a certain margin for the power supply product. Generally speaking, the more margin reserved, the more stable the performance of the power supply product and the longer the service life. However, this will increase the cost of the power supply product, and too much margin reserved will easily cause waste. At present, the LED display power supply in the industry generally reserves a margin of 20%--30%.

6. In order to increase the life of the power supply, it is recommended to choose a model with 30% more output power rating. For example, if the system needs a 100W power supply, it is recommended to choose a model with a rated output power greater than 130W, and so on, which can effectively increase the life of the power supply.

7. Select the power supply with various functions according to the application field, such as protection function: over-voltage protection, over-temperature protection, overload protection, etc.; application function: signal function, remote control function, telemetry function, parallel function, etc.; special function: power factor Correction (PFC), uninterruptible power supply (UPS).

power supply for led screen

power supply for led screen

power supply for led screen

What kinds of full-color LED display power supplies are there? How many modules can a power supply carry?

There are two kinds of conventional full-color LED display power supplies, namely 200V 40A power supply and 300v 60A power supply, of which 200V 40A power supply is used for indoor LED display screens, and 300V 60A power supply is used for outdoor LED display screens. Indoor full-color LED display screens have relatively low brightness requirements, so generally a small part of indoor ed display screens also use 200V 40A power supply), while outdoor large screens have extremely high brightness requirements for display screens, and the corresponding power supply The choice is also 300V 60A. So how many modules can these two power supplies drive? Most indoor power supplies drive six or eight modules with one power supply. The outdoor LED display power supply is basically the same as the indoor LED display power supply.

AC voltage is 110v or 220v while the working voltage of LED diode is DC 5v, the main function of power supply is to transfer 110v or 220v voltage to 5v voltage. Normally, the higher the power consumption of the LED display, the more power supplies are required.

Maximum power consumption is the power consumption when an LED display turns on or displays white color. It is a factor that must be considered when we calculate how many pcs of power supplies are required. Average power consumption is also called working power, which is the actual power consumption of an LED screen.

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