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What is a LED Poster Display?

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What is a LED Poster Display?

A LED poster display, is a freestanding screen used to present captivating videos and images both indoors and outdoors, including in retail stores, shopping malls. event, exhibitions etc. The indoor LED poster is also called an LED poster mirror or mirror LED screen sometimes. It is versatile as it could be an independent smart LED poster or connect up to 10 LED posters together to be a giant LED video wall to display your stunning content, The LED poster displays allow freestanding,wall-mounting, hanging, and you can even add your personality by creative splicing.

These LED posters are seamless, lightweight, portable, and user-friendly. You are able to present any content in different formats with simple clicks. These features make them ideal devices for advertising, saving your maintenance costs for replacement.

LED poster displays will benefit your advertising campaigns in a modern and dynamic way. Providing you with the best-LED tool, ATOPLED's innovative LED poster solutions guarantee your advertising will be a stunning experience.

LED poster display (1)

LED poster display (2)

What are the features of LED Poster Display?

Diversified Installation Methods

The LED poster display comes in different installation ways. It can be wall-mounted, ceiling-mounted, hanging or floor-standing. Or you can use it horizontally as a banner display, and you can splice together several horizontally placed LED digital posters to get a screen in a different ratio.

Another way for innovative installation starts with you tilting the Digital Posters in the angle you want and by slicing different numbers of units, you’ll get the LED display flavored by your genuine creativity, more captivating and attention-grabbing.

Fixing and Installing of LED Digital Signage

Splicable by multiples

Multiples can be spliced together into a large display screen. The built-in controller can satisfy splicing of 1-6 units. If more than 6units require update the controller.

Splicable by multiples

Indoor and Outdoor Brightness

For indoor projects, >800cd/m² is enough, while outdoor brightness LED display as expose in sun, high brightness >4500cd/m² is required. For  indoor installation, but the ambient lighting is bright, then can use the outdoor brightness model.

Synchronous or asynchronous controllable

Wi-Fi/cable connection available,   fast publishing via mobile phone App and PC.

You can load the program through wifi/usb/Lan. HDMI input is also available if required.

The built-in storage capacity supports almost all video and image formats.

This function is available for all the LED Poster Display product in this page.

Synchronous or asynchronous controllable

User Friendly, Plug and Play

LED poster is an LED display product that is very suitable for end-users to use. Simply put, after you send the program, the LED poster can automatically play video, pictures, text, and other programs once you connect the plug. No need to repeat software settings and other work when you use it later on.

LED poster -user friendly


To help you build a brand, we provide customized service to enable more of your creations can be achieved.

We can help you to print your logo on the cabinet to make your device more recognized in the market. If you are not satisfied with our cabinet color or screen dimension. as long as you provide pantone color and size information, We will do our best to meet your project requirements.

Where to use led poster?

Trade Shows

Portable, smart and flexible, LED posters or mirror LED screens can meet endless configurations to tailor your booth.       It is a great way to show off your brand and help you get noticed in seconds.

Retailers & Businesses

The LED Poster enjoys a wide range of applications, favored by retailers and businesses for indoor use in window displays, product launches, POP promotions, and brand activations.

Public Spaces

As a high-resolution digital signage display, the LED Poster is also used extensively in public spaces – transportation hubs, conference rooms, shopping malls, airports, and other commercial locations.

Advertising Campaigns

LED poster display is used in advertising campaigns to attract attention on the streets or at specific venues like malls and airports, hotel lobby where people are often fast-paced to deliver special offers and lift visitation and sales.


LED poster is also used by companies to display their logo or other promotional messages, helping them build brand awareness and boost sales while giving a professional look for the company’s image.

Art Galleries & Museums

LED posters are often displayed in art galleries or museums as an alternative to traditional print media such as paintings on canvases;    this allows them to be displayed without taking up any physical space and allows the led poster display to offer a larger image for people who are viewing it from further away or in an auditorium-type setting.

College Campuses

LED poster is also used by college campuses as a way of displaying information about upcoming events, classes, and other happenings at their school;   this increases the visibility of the events to a greater number of people and allows more students to be made aware of the opportunities that are available to them on campus.

Shopping Mall

LED poster displays can also be used in other settings such as at shopping malls, or any other places where there is a lot of foot traffic;  this is because the poster LED displays can attract attention and help direct people towards specific parts of the building or area where they want to go.

How to choose a suitable LED poster for my business?

When picking the right LED poster for your project, follow the steps suggested below.

Step 1 – Figure out what the application scenario is.

You'll have to ask yourself where will it be used and how often you plan to use it.

If you intend to use the LED poster display indoor or semi-outdoor, then select from the ATOPLED indoor LED poster series. If it's for outdoor use, please go to the outdoor LED poster section to search for the one for you. Besides, you have to know whether you want your LED poster to be floor-standing, wall-mount, or ceiling-hanging.

And you have to decide on the frequency of the LED display usage, one-time or long-term? For example, if you are in need of LED posters for advertising at an imminent trade fair that lasts about several days at most, you might opt to rent instead of purchase. However, if you intend to use it for a long-term or permanent installation, then purchasing is the better option.

Step 2 – Decide on the parameters.

After you have made things clear as to where and how it will be used, the next step is to determine the suitable parameters for your LED poster. ATOPLED LED poster displays are available in a variety of pixel pitches, from 2mm to 3mm. The smaller the pixel pitch, the higher the resolution and the greater the image quality.

For indoor LED displays, a brightness of 800nits to 1000nits is enough to allow a great performance of the screen and is recommended. Remember that high brightness isn’t always necessary. It has to be in the right range to serve human eyes and to avoid being too dazzling. Outdoors, a brightness of 3000nits and above is preferable as outdoor LED displays are generally placed in an environment with more natural lighting, so the LED screen has to be bright enough to be visible.

Refresh rate is another important consideration – the faster the refresh rate, the smoother motion will appear on the screen. The closer you approach the LED screen, the more detailed presentation your naked eye can observe. And under the scrutiny of the camera, the image difference made by the refresh rate will be amplified. So it’s important to select a refresh rate that meets your needs.

After the thorough assessment is done as to the application scenario and the parameters regarding pixel pitch, brightness, and refresh rate, you'll get the right LED poster for you.

LED poster display (3)

LED poster display (4)

LED poster display (6)

LED poster display (7)

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