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What Is GOB Led Display?

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GOB has been applied a few years ago. Now it has become a very mature technology. We solved the problems of flatness and bubbles inside the board. The application of GOB has become more extensive, whether it is a small pitch or a transparent screen, if you want to add a protective layer to a conventional display screen, you can consider GOB. To learn more, please read below.

What's GOB LED Display?

GOB is Glue on board to get high protection led display, which is a new technology, an analogy as module encapsulation. It is working on the whole display module, e.g. 320*160mm, by using a patented transparent glue covering the surface of the module's PCB board already with thousands of SMD lamps soldered on it, finally the module getting the special shield on its surface.

It comes out with high protection led display capable of anti-collision (anti-bump), dust-proof, waterproof, anti-moisture, anti-UV, along with no harmful impact for heat dissipation and brightness loss. The long time strict test clarified that the shield glue even contributes the heat dissipation, extending the life span.

The revolution change to push the whole led display industry is that this GOB display is aimed for the fine pitch led display and rental screens, which have natural demands for led diodes protection.


What's main features of GOB led screen?

1. It is a kind of packaging technology. It is a technology to solve the problem of LED lamp protection.

2. It uses an advanced new transparent material to package the substrate and its LED package unit to form effective protection.

3.This material not only has ultra-high transparency but also has superior thermal conductivity.

4.The GOB can be adapted to any harsh environment with a small gap to achieve true moisture, water, dust, impact and UV resistance.

5. Compared with the traditional SMD, it is characterized by high protection, moisture-proof, waterproof, anti-collision, and anti-UV. It can be applied to more harsh environments and avoid large-scale deadlights and lights.

6. Compared with COB, it is characterized by simpler maintenance, lower maintenance cost, larger viewing angle, and 180-degree horizontal viewing angle and vertical viewing angle.

GOB led display module 3

The production steps of the GOB series new products are roughly divided into 3 steps:

1. Choose the best quality materials, lamp beads, industry ultra-high brush IC solutions, high quality LED chips

2. After the product is assembled, aging for 72 hours before GOB filling, the lamp is tested

3. After the GOB is filled, it will be aged for another 24 hours to confirm the product quality again.

Which type of LED display can use GOB technology?

Small Pitch GOB LED Display

Small pitch is now the mainstream of indoor displays. But the biggest problem with the use of small-pitch displays is that it is very easy to damage the tiny LED. Because the SMD lamp is too small and the soldering pad is very small, a little force will crash the lamp, especially the LEDs located on the edge of the cabinet and the four corners that are the hardest-hit areas during the moving and installation. Once the lamp is broken, maintenance is very difficult and the cost is high.

GOB technology perfectly solves this problem. SMD LEDs in any position will no longer be knocked off. At the same time, our mature GOB technology can guarantee perfect flatness and seamlessness.

GOB led display

Rental GOB LED Screen

As we all know, the rental display installed on the stage requires frequent installation, disassembly, packaging, and transportation, and this process is repeated continuously. As a result, the LED light is easily damaged by accident. Even if the best quality and most expensive LED lamps are used, this situation is inevitable, so for some LED display rental service providers, they have to arrange a budget to invest in the maintenance of the display module.

When using GOB technology, the rental display screen no longer makes you worry about the dead pixels, and at the same time saves money.

Rental GOB led display

Rental gob led display

Floor GOB LED Screen

In the conventional floor tile display, a layer of the acrylic cover is usually added to the module to protect the lamp surface from being stepped on. GOB technology can replace the acrylic cover, and it has a better light transmission and better visual effect.

GOB technology allows ordinary LED display screens to be placed on the ground and used as a floor video wall by adding simple structures. At the same time, it has the functions of waterproof and dustproof, and the lamp surface does not need traditional glue protection.

Floor GOB LED Screen

Transparent GOB LED Display

Transparent LED displays are becoming more and more popular in commercial applications, such as retail stores and shopping malls, and club scenes. In order to obtain high transparency while ensuring a high resolution, the PCB of the transparent display screen is very narrow, which makes the lamp and PCB very fragile and easy to damage. GOB provides protection for the entire hollow module.

Transparent GOB LED Display

Transparent GOB LED Display

Flexible GOB LED Display

Flexible LED modules are now widely used to make LED video cylinders of various diameters, usually fixed installations. Although the screen does not need to be moved after installation, because the soft module itself is very soft and can be bent 360 degrees, if GOB is used on the soft modules, the reliability of the screen can also be greatly increased. In addition, the flexible GOB screen is waterproof, moisture-proof, and scratch-proof. This provides customers one more choice to build a robust curved screen.

Flexible GOB LED Display

Flexible GOB LED Display

Irregular Shape GOB LED Display

Irregularly shaped LED displays are widely used in clubs, exhibition halls, museums, etc. They are usually constructed to create special shapes to create a special atmosphere or build a brand image. These places are usually crowded with people, especially clubs. Under the stimulation of music, people like to touch the screen to feel the dynamic video. And even accidentally spill drinks on the display. If it is a traditional indoor led screen, it is easy to cause a short-circuit, moisture, and eventually cause damage to the led screen.

And by adding a layer of GOB film on the surface of the display, the reliability of the display can be greatly improved, and there is no more worry.

Irregular Shape GOB LED Display

How to Make A High-quality GOB LED Display?

1.Basic Requirements for A High-quality GOB LED

There are some strict requirements for the production process of GOB LED display that must be met:


The packaging materials must have features like strong adhesion, high stretching resistance, adequate hardness, high transparency, thermal endurance, good abrasion performance and so on. And it should be anti-static and can resist high pressure to avoid the shortening of service life because of crash from outside and static.

(2)Packaging process

The transparent glue should be padded accurately to cover the surface of lamp lights and also fill in the gaps fully.

It must adhere the PCB board tightly, and there should not be any bubble, air hole, white point, and gap which is not filled with the material totally.

(3)Uniform thickness

After the packaging, the thickness of the transparent layer must be uniform. With the development of GOB technology, now the tolerance of this layer can be almost neglected.

(4)Surface evenness

The surface evenness should be perfect without irregularity like small pot hole.


The GOB LED screen should be easy to maintain, and the glue can be easy to move under special conditions to repair and maintain the rest part.

2.Technical Key Points

(1)The LED module itself should be composed of high-standard components

The packaging of glue with the LED module put forward higher requirements for PCB board, LED lamp beads, solder paste and so on.

For instance, the thickness of PCB board must reach at least 1.6mm; the solder paste needs to reach a specific temperature to ensure the soldering is rigid, and the LED lamp light needs to have high quality such as lamp beads produced by Nationstar and Kinglight.

The high-standard LED module before the potting is one of the key factors to achieve the high-quality final product as it is the prerequisite for the packaging process.

(2)Aging test should last for 24 hours

The LED display module before potting glue only needs aging test that lasts for four hours, but for our GOB LED display module, the aging test should last for at least 24 hours to ensure stability so as to decrease the risks of reworking as much as possible.

The reason is straightforward – why not ensure the quality at first, and then pot the glue? If the LED module happens with some troubles such as dead light and fuzzy displaying after packaging, it will cost more energy to repair it than launching the aging testing thoroughly.

(3)The tolerance of trimming should be less than 0.01mm

After a series of operations such as fixture comparison, glue filling, and drying, the overflowing glue on the corners of GOB LED module needed to be cut. If the cutting is not precise enough, the lamp feet may be cut down, resulting in the whole LED module becoming a reject product. That is why the tolerance of trimming should be less than 0.01mm or even less.

Comparison   Table

Type GOB LED Module Traditional LED   Module
Waterproof At   least IP68 for module surface Usually   lower
Dustproof At   least IP68 for module surface Usually   lower
Anti-knock Excellent   anti-knock performance Usually   lower
Anti-humidity Resistant   to moisture in the presence of temperature differences and   pressure effectively Might   happen dead pixels due to humidity without efficient protection
During installation and delivery No   falling down of lamp beads; protecting lamp beads on the corner of LED module   efficiently Might   happen broken pixels or falling down of lamp beads
Viewing angle Up   to 180 degree without mask The   bulge of mask may decrease the viewing angle
To naked eyes Long   time viewing without blinding and damages to eyesight Might   hurt the eyesight if watch it for a long time

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