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Different quality level between different brands

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From now on, on Led display market have many different led lamp brands. Here let me introduce to you the different quality level between different led brands.

Generally, in the market in Shenzhen, China, for led display are Nationstar, kinglight, Kn-light, Hongsheng, Mulinsen. 

LED brands

By the way, international famous top quality level led have Cree (Made in the USA) and Nichia ( Made in Japan). The stability and performance of CREE/ Nichia are the best. 

While the cost of single led lamp of Cree and Nichia price is 3-5 times than Nationstar. And square meter price will heigher 5-6 times. At the currently, there are less clients use the two brands. Only 3-5% very  big important projects will choose Cree and Nichia. 

We can define 3 different quality level for frequent led which made in China:


Led Lamp

The top level: Nationstar

    For customers who have quality requirements, 95% will choose to use the Nationstar LED, because the Nationstar LEDs also have different quality levels, such as high-bright gold wire, gold wire, and copper wire.

The middle level: kinglight/Knlight

    The price will be lower than the Nationstar. For some projects, if the budget is really cannot meet the demand, then Kinglight/Knlight LED will be the first option. The failure rate of the Kinglight LEDs is good, and generally speaking, there will be a small problem in every two or three years.

The third level: Hongsheng/mulinsen

The Hongsheng/mulinsen LEDs are mostly suppliers to some factories with a low wholesale price of the LED modules. Which are most popular in Wholesale market, especial in the Asia market. In recent two years, the stability is also goods, no have big problem in 2 years.

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