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Quality Matters: How to Choose the Right PCB Materials for Your LED Screen

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Quality Matters: How to Choose the Right PCB Materials for Your LED Screen

led screen PCB board

Printed circuit board is one of the main materials of LED display. The quality of the PCB board is determined by the material and the Layer of the PCB board.

In this article, we introduce quality LED display PCB board and summarize PCB knowledge.

PCB board for led screen

PCB is short for 'printed circuit board', up to 1936, Dr. Paul Eisner really invented PCB manufacturing technology and published a number of patents.

PCB including copper platinum, base materials, and covered copper plate.

There are lots of kinds of base materials.

Common substrate types include:

XPC phenolic resin substrate, FR-1 phenolic resin substrate, FR-2 phenolic resin substrate, CEM-1 epoxy resin composite substrate, FR-4 epoxy fiberglass board, other resins -BT, PI, PTFE fiber cloth/organic fiber, etc.

PCB can be classified by hardness, material, and structure, into different types.

Normally, LED displays use FR-4 fiberglass circuit board.

FR-4 fiberglass circuit board is a traditional electronic PCB board, which has a wide range of applications due to its good insulation, corrosion resistance, compression resistance, and multiple layer printing.

Layer of the PCB Board

One-layer PCB, this single layer has to support all the parts like IC, lamp, capacitors, and resistors working normally. If any little problem happens, this single board will be broken which leads to an increased failure rate.

Two-layers PCB or multiple layers PCB, there are many layers to support the components, even some problem happens, the other layer still can support the LED video wall working normally. It can make the failure rate lower.

How to Choose PCB Materials for LED Display Screens?

The LED display screen PCB consists of a light board, a driver board, a HUB board, a control card, and other components. As the electrical carrier of electronic components, the PCB is responsible for connecting and powering all components according to certain operating principles. PCB wiring design can effectively improve the performance of LED display screens, such as uniform heat dissipation, electromagnetic interference (EMI), and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC).

The PCB material, surface copper thickness, and copper quality can affect the electrical performance of the display screen. Different manufacturing processes and equipment can affect the reliability and flatness of the LED display screen.

Poor Quality PCBs

Some poor quality PCBs may exhibit problems such as circuit and via opens, short circuits between circuits, leakage current, severe deformation, and copper foil and substrate delamination during production or after use for some time. This can cause the entire display screen to malfunction, leading to severe scrap handling. In some cases, the PCB may not meet the fire protection grade requirements, and short circuits between lines may cause fires, which can cause harm to personal safety.

High-Quality PCBs

High-quality PCBs are closely related to the flatness of the display screen, circuit reliability, and fire safety. What should be noted when selecting PCB materials for LED display screens?

① The diagonal warpage should be less than 0.75% (affecting the flatness of the display surface).

② High-grade flame-retardant materials (playing an important role in product safety).

③ Choose a factory with advanced production processes and high process capabilities to manufacture glass fiber.④ PCB material grades: a. FR-4 A material (high quality); b. FR-4 AB material (normal); c. FR-4 B material (poor); d. Semi-glass fiber (inferior).


In conclusion, choosing the right PCB materials for your LED display screen is crucial to ensure its performance, reliability, and safety. It is important to consider factors such as the PCB material grade, surface copper thickness and quality, manufacturing processes, and fire safety. By selecting high-quality PCBs and working with reputable manufacturers, you can ensure that your LED display screen operates efficiently and safely, providing an optimal viewing experience.

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