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What is a transparent LED display ice screen?

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What is a transparent LED display ice screen?

        What is an ice screen display? In fact, it is a name for renting a transparent LED screen. In order to facilitate everyone's memory and promotion, it was named "Bingping".

       What is the realization principle of the ice screen LED display?

       It looks like a set of blinds composed of linear LED light bars, which greatly reduces the visual obstruction of structural components, and the permeability can reach 85%, which maximizes the perspective effect and has a novel and unique display effect. When viewed from an ideal distance, the picture appears to be suspended on glass.

      The difference between ice screen and ordinary LED screen



       As we all know, ordinary LED displays are opaque and have zero light transmittance. The air permeability of Lianman Optoelectronics' LED ice screen is as high as 85%, and the screen display effect is very cool.



        The weight of a single box of ordinary LED screens is generally greater than 10 kg. When the screen area is too large, it is challenging for the steel structure and the original stage structure. However, the weight of the ice screen box is about 7kg, which can be installed vertically and independently, and the load-bearing requirements of the steel structure are very low.



         Ordinary LED display screens require a large amount of steel frame structure during construction, which is time-consuming and laborious, and affects the shape and aesthetics of the building to a certain extent. When installing Lianman Optoelectronics LED ice screen transparent screen, no steel structure is needed, and only a small amount of construction can be combined with the wall, will not cause damage to the wall, and can also improve the overall appearance of its appearance.


Easy to maintain

      The traditional LED large screen body has problems, usually after repair, or remove the entire module or box for repair. The LED ice screen does not need to replace the entire box, just replace a set of modules. Maintenance is done indoors, with high efficiency and low cost.


Energy saving

      Energy saving and environmental protection, more than 30% energy saving than ordinary LED display

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