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Understanding what is outdoor front maintenance Led display

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Many buildings have LED displays installed on their facades. At present, the mainstream outdoor advertising screens in the market are using the post-maintenance method, but problems arise, the display screen body protrudes affecting the aesthetics? Outdoor front maintenance Led display screen back there is not enough space reserved for maintenance channels? The current outdoor front maintenance Led display are unable to do real waterproof? These are the urgent need to solve the problem of outdoor front maintenance Led display.

l  Introduction of outdoor front maintenance Led display

l  Outdoor front repair Led display features

Introduction of outdoor front repair Led display

High-definition outdoor front maintenance Led display with the high refresh, high brightness, high-definition screen Front flip box (front maintenance) LED display Outdoor front maintenance Led display is a surface mount three-in-one display, pitch 6mm, front IP65 level high-performance waterproof, dustproof ability, suitable for fixed installation of engineering-type projects. The use of the outdoor front maintenance Led display, which eliminates the display after the maintenance space, to achieve the front maintenance, to achieve the outdoor display is no longer thick, for some special places of the display set up very suitable. The difference between this front flip box led display and an ordinary box is that when the display has any failure, need to open the inspection, only need to gently press from the front, open the box concealed buckle, you can see the display internal structure, to test the maintenance. Support the screen body before and after the two maintenance methods, and only need to replace a single lamp bead, simple operation, low maintenance costs and short time.

Outdoor front repair Led display features

Outdoor front maintenance Led display: the biggest feature of front maintenance lies in saving space, for indoor or mosaic installation structures, space is extremely golden, so it will not leave too much place for maintenance access. So the front maintenance can greatly reduce the overall thickness of the LED display structure, both well integrated with the surrounding architectural environment and to ensure the effectiveness of saving space simultaneously. However, this structure has very high requirements for the heat dissipation function of the equipment. Outdoor front maintenance Led display screen body thin, does not take up space, save material, lightweight, easy to install, suitable for installation of indoor screen, directly hang to the wall, easy maintenance. After the maintenance of the general outdoor screen, because the outdoor screen for waterproof considerations, from the front, can not be disassembled, the cost of the outer frame is higher.

Shenzhen Atop Led Opto Electronic Co., Ltd can make specific design outdoor front maintenance Led display according to customer's demand, all indoor and outdoor products can be used. Our products and solutions cover a wide range of specifications and attract customers with innovative and special structural design and stable and reliable product quality. Shenzhen Atop Led Opto Electronic Co., Ltd produces outdoor front maintenance Led displays that are trusted and appreciated by customers worldwide for their leading technology, easy-to-use features, individual designs and diverse solutions. Welcome to buy.

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