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How to choose the best small pixel pitch LED display wall?

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With the development of technology, small pixel pitch LED display is in great demand. So, whenever you are looking, don't go for high resolution, large size, small pixels and other high configurations. If you are looking for the right small pixel pitch LED, here are certain factors you need to consider

Overall project budget - One of the benefits of small pixel pitch LED displays is that they have no pins and can be infinitely separated. However, as the number of LED beads per unit area increases, the demands on circuitry and heat dissipation become more demanding. As a result, small pixel pitch LED screens also become higher. As productivity increases and technology evolves, prices may be affected.

Maintenance costs - For large screen sizes, overall budget is not the only factor to consider. High maintenance is another important factor that should be considered. In general, while the average lifespan of an LED display may be around 100,000 hours, the density of these lights is much higher. On top of that, the indoor thickness of the PCB is not as high compared to the outdoor. Therefore, this makes it difficult to dissipate heat and may lead to partial failure. Power consumption is also not excluded. The operating costs of large LED displays are high.

Setup space - Small pixel pitch Led screens mean that the image quality is clearer even when viewed at close range. Therefore, if you need to view the screen from a distance, you can choose LEDs with a slightly larger pixel pitch. many people calculate the viewing distance as viewing distance = pixel pitch / 0.3 to 0.8.

Transmission Compatibility - If you want a small pixel pitch display to work efficiently, the transmission device is critical. For example, surveillance systems for security applications use signal transmission in the form of 1080P, 1080I, 720P, H.264, D1, etc., but small pixel screens do not support several of these. Therefore, you should know if you have a controller that supports these formats. Resolution is not the only factor you should worry about.

Fill factor - LED displays are made up of dots, and when you get close, the image becomes incomplete and unevenly bright. Sometimes, even a single dot can become ten times brighter and cause a severe blinding sensation. According to experts, the fill factor should be greater than 50%.

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