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Understand the Outdoor Front service led display related accessories introduction

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The maintenance of led display is mainly divided into Outdoor Front service led display and after the maintenance of two kinds, before understanding the difference between these two maintenance methods, first of all, it should be clear that the choice of maintenance methods and led display installation method is inseparable. led engineering screen installation method, mainly divided into roof type, wall-mounted, hanging, floor, mosaic, column, hanging and other common installation methods. Outdoor front service led display's biggest feature is to save space, for indoor or mosaic installation of the structure, space is extremely valuable, so will not leave too much place as a maintenance channel. So Outdoor Front service led display can greatly reduce the overall thickness of the LED engineering screen structure, can be well integrated with the surrounding architectural environment, but also ensure the effectiveness of saving space at the same time. However, this structure has very high requirements for the heat dissipation function of the equipment. what are the related accessories of outdoor front service led display

l  Display power supply

l  Led screen case

l  Led screen cabinet

l  Display control system

Display power supply

Outdoor Front service led display power supply stability performance is great to determine the performance of the led screen good or bad, various models equipped with power supply is also distinguished. Will be calculated according to the power of the power supply unit board required for the display, because the needs of various display models are different.

Led screen cabinet

Outdoor Front service led display case is based on the size of the display, as well as several unit boards made up of a box, multiple display cases and then assembled into a led screen. Usually, the box is built by a professional, there are conventional simple boxes and waterproof boxes.

Led screen cabinet

Outdoor front service led display module is composed of kit, bottom shell, mask and so on, full-colour led display is composed of one LED module, which is usually we now see the LED big screen.

Display control system

The control system of the outdoor front service led display is an important part of the display. The video transmission is sent to the receiving card of the full-colour led display through the sending card and the display card, and then the receiving card transmits the signal to the HUB board in sections. In the receiving card above the installation of an adapter board, receiving the card to transfer data to the adapter board, and then the data on the adapter board through the line transmission to the display box of a single line or a single column of full-colour led display module, and then the LED module and LED module is also connected to the data through the line connection, generally an adapter board only 8 jacks, that is, an adapter board can only manage 8 lines or 8 columns of LED module Data transmission. If there are more rows or columns, you can add an adapter board to the receiving card. Of course, indoor led display, small pitch led display and Outdoor Front service led display accessories are not the same, mainly because they are not the same as a control card.

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