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COB Technology Helps LED Screens Break Through Spacing Limits, Creating Core Visual Presentations

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The LED display industry is undergoing rapid and continuous innovation. Among them, COB (chip-on-board) technology is a new packaging method that directly encapsulates the light-emitting chip on the PCB board, achieving a truly complete seal of the module. Compared to traditional SMD packaging, COB displays have advantages such as collision resistance, strong heat dissipation capability, smaller spacing, superior image quality, and surface light source emission. COB displays are the future trend for small pixel pitch displays and play an important role in the development of the LED display industry.

COB led screen

Compact packaging enables smaller pixel pitch

The COB packaging method for LED display units is more compact, allowing for smaller pixel pitch. This means that LED displays using COB packaging technology can achieve higher resolution and present clearer and more delicate images on screens of the same size. At the same time, COB technology effectively avoids the issues of gaps and color deviations that occur during screen splicing, thereby enhancing the overall visual effect of the display.

Integrated packaging provides higher protection

COB features impact resistance and durability. Since the chips are directly encapsulated on the PCB board, the overall module structure becomes more robust, effectively resisting external collisions and friction, and improving the screen's lifespan and stability.

Extensive heat dissipation for enhanced performance stability

COB-packaged display units have a larger heat dissipation area due to the chips being directly attached to the PCB board. This enables faster dissipation of heat, effectively preventing screen overheating issues.

Direct light source for better color reproduction

The surface light source emission technology of COB displays is also one of its unique advantages. Traditional SMD packaging requires light to be guided to the screen surface through structures such as reflection plates, which can lead to light loss and color distortion. In contrast, COB technology directly emits light upwards from the chips, eliminating the need for reflection plates and allowing for purer color presentation, thereby improving the overall screen image quality.


In summary, COB technology represents the future trend for small pixel pitch LED displays. It holds significant importance in the development of the LED display industry. Not only does it enhance the screen's image quality and stability, but it also enables smaller pixel pitch and higher resolution, providing users with a superior visual experience.

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