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Flexible led display solution

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The led soft module also call led flexible screen, led soft screen, because the led module can be flexible, foldable and bendable.

flexible led cabinet

And normal led module are made of rigid PCB boards, plastic frame and mask, without any softness. If some projects needs to be curved/bendable, it cannot be used. Or only do some special processes such as corner cutting, but the cost will increase a lot, and the process is not perfect. While the soft led module can solve this problem perfectly. 

Features of soft led screen

1.Flexible led module series pitch have P1.875/P2/P2.5/p3/p4/p5, low power consumption, low heat, high contrast, high brightness and high gray, all black led with high contrast

flxible led module

2. Supper flexible

Suitable for inner arc, outer arc, cylindrical, etc,  It can be designed for different artistic creations

creative led screen

3. Ultra-thin and light weight and easy installation

flexible led module

Flexible led panel

4. High gray, high refresh rate

Refresh rate can be 1920-3840, made led screen video/image no delay, no scan line.

Creative led screen projects

Soft led display application

1.Curved led display 

If the inner arc or outer arc is large, then it is very difficult to be made with standard led modules, while it is very easy to make with LED soft modules.


2 Cylindrical led display:

In some hotels, meeting rooms, bars, etc., many of the pillars in the lobby are cylindrical. The designer will design these pillars into a led screen, and play some special videos to enhance the decoration level or create a special atmosphere. Normal led module are very complicated to make, while LED soft modules are easier to fixed.


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