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P8 outdoor led display case study for stadium

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Cases details:

Outdoor high-end LED display application - Slovakia LED display project case study

Stadium led display

This Outdoor LED Display Project is located at one Stadium in Slovakia.

The project adopts PH8 outdoor LED display made by Shenzhen ATOPLED Optoelectronics Co.


The size of the screen is 9.6*4.8 meters, totaling 46.08 square meters, the pitch of this display is 8mm. Details configuration as following:

Led lamp: Nationstar SMD3535
Driving IC: ICN2038S, 1920HZ
Power supply: Meanwell

Control system: Novastar

Cables: full cooper power and flat cables

LED module frame: High quality plastic

Video processor: Novastar VX4S


The screen has high brightness, good heat dissipation, each led panel with 4 fans for cooling system.

Outdoor commercial led screen cabinet

This kind of outdoor LED display can be installed in a large area, and according to the size of the installation area, it can be targeted

design, similar products are P3, P4, P5, P6, p6.67,P8, P10

There are about 7 models, so choose the right model according to the size of the area.

led screen setting

P8 outdoor led screen case

The price difference of LED display on the market nowadays is obvious. Malicious price competition in the market has caused various manufacturers to reduce marketing costs, causing uneven quality at will. ATOPLED Optoelectronics is positioned in the high-end market, focusing on product quality, strict selection of materials, and excellence in product quality.

Strictly select materials, strive for perfection in product quality, and do not make products with the lowest price. In recent years, ATOPLED has focused on the research and development of new products in recent years, and has successively introduced new products such as transparent LED screens, outdoor light bar LED screens, ultra-thin light pole LED screens, flexible LED screens, and poster screens. The pursuit of high quality is endless. Atopled Optoelectronics will always stick to it.

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