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P1.5 HD led video wall

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Application: China P1.5mm HD LED VIDEO WALL, Size 6mx2m for TV studio 

Die casting aluminum cabinet, Easy Installation & High Color Contrast. The Refresh Frequency Reach To 3840HZ By Using MBI5153 Driving IC To Make The Smooth Images With No Flicker

 1.Products details:


  - Pixel pitch: 1.5mm

  - Screen size: 12sq.m

  - Cabinet size: 600x337.5mm

  - Module size:150x168.75mm

  - Cabinet type: die casting aluminum

  - Leds: Nationstar SMD1010

  - Controller card:Novastar

  - Driving IC: MBI5153/3840HZ refresh rate

  - Installation way: Wall Mounting

  - Package: Wooden case

2. Spare part:

  - Spare led module:16pcs

  - Power supply:6pcs

  - Receiving card:2pcs

  - Flying plug for power and signal: each 2pcs

  - Main power cables and signal cables: each 5pcs

  - IC: 50pcs

  - Leds: 500pcs

  - Mask:10pcs

3.    Advantage

-  Nationstar SMD1010 3 in 1 technology and customized mask with wide viewing   angle horizontal and vertical 170°/170°

-  Die casting aluminum cabinet with side double lock, high precision

-  High refresh rate with 3840HZ


4. Fine led screen application

 - Security Monitoring

With the characteristics of seamless seam, excellent color performance, low energy consumption, etc., the small-pitch LED display can meet the command and control center and command control that have high requirements for image quality.

Requirements for high-end indoor applications such as centers, radio and television studios, meteorological information centers, etc.

- Exhibition display

The small-pitch LED display has flexible construction methods, wide viewing angle, ultra-thin body, convenient and quick installation and maintenance, and low power consumption, which is widely applicable to various public information

Display areas, such as information bulletin boards in hotel lobbies, airports, cinemas, hospitals, etc., as well as corporate image promotion, museum cultural relics display, stadium scoreboards, etc.

- Business education:

The small-pitch LED display can also meet the needs of various commercial fields, such as corporate conference rooms, chairman's office, network video conferences, etc., which can replace

The projector creates a bright office environment.


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