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Energy Saving Led Display Panel P5 Outdoor Digital Billboard Screen


320x160mm Rear Service
320x320mm Dual Service
960*960mm Cabinet
Magnesium Alloy
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Features and adventages:

Led display screen is more and more popular, especially outdoor led display widely used for outdoor advertising with large led screen size, large size means high power consumption, a dozens of square meters led video wall usually reach tens of kilowatts, with numbers of led display screen increasing, energy issue is becoming more and more important for led display industry all over the world. So how to make a lower power consumption led display becomes an important subject in LED display design.

ATOP LED Latest Outdoor energy saving led Screen(Common-cathode cool led display), 960X960mm LED Cabinet Size with 320x320mm/320mmx160 front & rear service LED Module from P5mm to P10mm.

960x960mm outdoor led screen Die Cast Magnesium cabinet

Common cathode technology

Common-cathode energy saving led display is power supplied separately with R and GB, which means that the voltage and current are accurately distributed to the red, green and blue lamp beads. The current passes through the lamp beads and then to the negative electrode of the IC.

The separate power supply scheme effectively reduces the power consumption and greatly reduces the heat generated during the operation of the display screen.

Common-cathode energy saving led display

(1)Using R / GB to separate power supply, current is accurately distributed to the lamp beads, reducing power consumption.

(2). Reduce the temperature, no need for air conditioning, save cost.

(3). Reduce power consumption, save electricity and energy, reduce costs greatly.

(4). Uniform heat distribution, constant color temperature, no color deviation, no color block, good consistency.

(5). The screen cabinet has low heat, which is about 16 ℃ lower than the common LED display product.

p5 outdoor energy saving led screenp5 outdoor Common Cathode Energy Saving led module

Outdoor common cold screen has the advantages of low temperature rise, low heat, low power consumption, long life and good display effect, and is expected to become the new favorite of outdoor display applications.

p5 Energy saving led screen -application

1.Energy saving and environmental protection

Common cathode energy saving circuit design,the use of low-voltage power supplies (2.8V and 3.8V) can effectively reduce the power consumption of the entire screen. Compared with the 5V operating voltage screen, the power consumption can be reduced by more than 30%. Good heat dissipation,no need to install air conditioners

energy saving power supply (1)

2.The quality is more stable and reliable:

Use low-voltage power supply, while reducing power consumption, the heat is also greatly reduced, compared with the screen of 5V operating voltage, the heat is reduced by more than 50%, and the heat of the entire screen is reduced, which can extend all components on the screen (including lamps, IC, Resistance and capacitance, etc.)

3.Super high brightness: The brightness can reach 6500CD,Adapt to the outdoor variable environment, the display effect is still clear under high brightness environment

4.Low brghtness decay rate: sometimes in half one year,the brightness between energy saving and non energy saving has no difference but after 1-2 years,the latter will lose much more brightness(500-1000nits).

For outdoor usage, as years go by, the one with lower rate of brightness decay has higher definition because of higher brightness.Low brightness can not make people see contents on the screen.

5.Automatically cooling system

Die-casting magnesium itself is with quick heat dissipation

Larger area heat dissipation rib,efficient heat dissipation

Extra treatment with thermal conductive adhesive,ensuring heat-sinking capacity

6.Quick installation

Dual fast lock design for fast assembly

Plug-in connector design:safer&fast connection than terminals

p5 960x960mm die casting magnesium cabinet -inner view

7.Super Light weight: Light and thin,28kg/㎡ for magnesium panel,and the thickness is 75mm,saving transportation cost and structure cost, also reducing the load-bearing requirements from building and steel structure.it supports full front or rear maintenance,saving installation space.

960x960mm die casting magnesium cabinet

960X960mm Standard Perfect Structure

Energy saving LED display is made by hard magnesium alloy led cabinet, fashion design and top class product structure for better heat dissipation and low heat. The heat of the display is uniform, the color temperature is constant, and no color block in the display at all, and the picture display effect is excellent. energy consumption is maximized without reducing LED display brightness and contrast.

Standard Size LED Module

960*960mm standard cabinet design with 320*320mm/320x160mm LED module panel. led display module size is 320x320mm dimension with frontal & Rear Service, ultra low heat and has excellent performance in improving energy efficiency and environment protection.

outdoor Common Cathode Energy Saving led screen-960x960mm die casting magnesium cabinet with 320x320mm/320x160mm led module

Both 320mmX320mm/320mmX160mm led modules are available

P5 Energy Saving LED Display Screen Specifications:

P5 LED Module

p5 outdoor energy saving led module

Pixel   Pitch(mm) 5mm
pixel density(dot/㎡) 40000
pixel configuration R G B
Module size(mm) 320x160
Module Resolution (dot) 64x32
Led lamp Nationstar/Kinglight   SMD2727
Scan 1/8 scan

Led Screen Cabinet
960x960mm outdoor led screen Die Cast Magnesium cabinet (5) Cabinet   size(W x H)                                   960mm×960mm
Cabinet Resolution 192*192 dots
module quantity 18pcs
Material die casting magnesium
Protect Level IP65
Cabinet Weight (kg/set) 28KG

LED Screen and Control System

P5 energy saving led screen

linsn Sending card

Linsn receiving card

Driver   IC ICN2019/ICN2049/ICN2069
Power Supply Meanwell/CZCL/G-energy
Best View Distancing 5m
Vertical Viewing Angle 120° (Standard LEDs Viewing Angle)
Horizontal Viewing Angle 120° (Standard LEDs Viewing Angle)
Brightness >6000cd/㎡ Ensure brilliant images
Brightness Adjustment Manual,   256 level; Auto, 8 levels
Grey Scale 256 Shades Per Color
Grey levels 16 bits
Operating Temperature –25℃~+60℃ 10%~95%RH
Input Voltage AC110V/220V±10%
Input Power Frequency 50/60Hz
Screen Power Consumption Max:   800w/㎡; Average:480w/㎡
Refresh Rate 1920HZ/3840HZ
Frame Rate  > 60 frames/sec
Defect Rate ≤0.0001
Humidity 0-90%
IP rate IP65
Control Method Synchronized with computer monitor
Way of Drive 1/8 scan
Color Temperature 6500K±500
Color  > 16.7millions
Support Mode

VGA, 800*800 display synchronically with the computer, correspondence dot to dot

Control Distance

120m (no repeating); Optical fiber transmission: 500m- 10km

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