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ATOP-MAG-D-ES 960 Series Outdoor Front Service Energy Saving Led Display


320x160mm Rear Service
320x320mm Dual Service
960*960mm Cabinet
Magnesium Alloy
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Outdoor Front Service Energy Saving Led Display

ATOP-MAG-D-ES 960 Series

Energy Saving LED Display-50% Power & Cost Saving

Frontal or Rear Service Design for Easy Installation

960*960mm Standard size LED Display Cabinet

High Precision Magnesium Alloy Cabinet, Ultra-thin and Ultra-light.

960x960mm magnesium led screen

Energy Saving >50% Desgin

Energy saving is power supplied separately with R and GB, which means that the voltage and current are accurately distributed to the red, green and blue lamp beads. The current passes through the lamp beads and then to the negative electrode of the IC. The separate power supply scheme effectively reduces the power consumption and greatly reduces the heat generated during the operation of the display screen.

1. Using R / GB to separate power supply, current is accurately distributed to the lamp beads, reducing power consumption.

2. Reduce the temperature, no need for air conditioning, save cost.

3. Reduce power consumption, save electricity and energy, reduce costs greatly.

4. Uniform heat distribution, constant color temperature, no color deviation, no color block, good consistency.

5. The screen cabinet has low heat, which is about 16 ℃ lower than the common LED display product

Energy Saving led module

Energy Saving led module

Standard Size LED Module - Dual Mode Service

960*960mm Standard cabinet design with 320*320mm LED module. The LED display module size is 320x320mm in dimension with frontal & rear service, ultra-low heat, and excellent performance in improving energy efficiency and environment protection.

Standard Size LED Module

Dual Service led display

960X960mm Standard Perfect Structure

Energy-saving LED display is made with hard magnesium alloy LED cabinet with fashion design, and top-class product structure for better heat dissipation and lower heat.

The heat of the display is uniform, the color temperature is constant, and no color block at all.

And the picture effect is excellent. Energy consumption is maximized without reducing LED display brightness and contrast.

960X960mm Standard Perfect Structure

Ultra-slim and Ultra-light

The thickness is 87mm. easy to transport, good flatness and seamless.

Weight only 28kg, lighter than traditional iron cabinet 15KG/㎡, reducing structural load, and easy for transport, save your labor cost, also light weight is convenient for installation, assembly and disassembly.

Ultra-slim and Ultra-light led screen

IP65 Waterproof

The ingress protection of cabinet rating up to IP65, the fully sealed cabinet is weatherproof, dustproof, damp-proof, bringing the ingress protection of led display up to a new level.

IP65 waterproof led screen

Widely Outdoor Application

With Energy Saving and Dual Service Maintenance, ATOP 960X960mm Series LED Display are possibly to installed for more application, where there is no enough space to install, or where there is no enough power. you can choose ATOP Energy Saving LED Display Screen.

Widely Outdoor Application

Main Parameter Specification:

The MAG960-D Series is outdoor dule service (front or real maintenance) led display

Pixel Pitch for The MAG960-D series:

Outdoor (Module size: 320x320mm): P4/P5.33/P6.67/P8/P10

The MAG960-ES is outdoor energy saving led display,

Pixel Pitch for The MAG960-ES series:

Outdoor (Module size: 320x160mm): P3.33/P4/P5/P5.926/P8/P10

Outdoor (Module size: 320x320mm): P6.67/P8/P10

Item     P3.33-MAG960-ES P4-MAG960-ES P5-MAG960-ES P4-MAG960-D P5.33-MAG960-D P6.67-MAG960-D-ES P8-MAG960-D-ES P10-MAG960-D-ES
Pixel Pitch(mm) P3.33 P4 P5 4 5.33 6.67 8 10
LED Encapsulation SMD1921 SMD1921 SMD1921 SMD1921 SMD1921 SMD2727-3535 SMD3535 SMD3535
Pixel Density (dot/㎡) 90000 62500 40000 62500 35200 22477 15625 10000
Module Size<WxH>(mm) 320X160mm 320X320mm
Module Resolution(pixels) 96x48 80x40 64x32 80x80 60x60 48x48 40x40 32x32
Panel Size<WxHxD>(mm) 960X960X87
Weight(kg/pcs) 28 28
28 28 28.0 28.0 28.0
Optimum Viewing Angle H:160° V:140°
Option Distance(m) >3 >4 >4 >4 >5 >6 >8 >10
Input Voltage 110-220VAC±10% 110-220VAC±10% 110-220VAC±10% 110-220VAC±10% 110-220VAC±10% 110-220VAC±10% 110-220VAC±10% 110-220VAC±10%
Max. Power Consumption(w/m2) 500W 900W 500W
AVE. Power Consumption(w/m2) 150W 400W 150W
Brightness(cd/m2) 5500 5500 5500 6000 5500 6000 6000 6500
Refresh Frequency (Hz) >1920-3840 >1920-3840 >1920-3840 >1920-3840 >1920-3840 >960-3840 >960-3840 >960-3840
Frame Frequency(Hz) 60
Grayscale (bit) 14
Operating Temperature/Humidity(°C/RH) -20°Cto +50°C/20%to90%

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