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AL-ES960 Series Outdoor Energy Saving Led Display Screen


480x320mm Dual Service
960x960mm Size
Aluminum Cabinet
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AL-ES960 Series Outdoor Common Cathode Full Color Aluminum LED Screen

ATOP-AL-ES 960 Series

High Quality Outdoor Energy Saving LED Display

480*320mm Panel Design

Dual Service with Frontal and Rear Maintenance

High Protection Aluminum Chassis Panel Design

IP66 high waterproof level

Aluminum led screen

Unique Panel Design

ATOP-AL-ES 960 Series is ATOP latest Common Cathode Aluminum display with size of 960x960mm, high IP66 waterproof level. Unique LED display panel design with 480*320mm and 960*960mm cabinet size. Ultra-low heat and power consumption, providing an excellent visual experience.

Unique Panel Design

Structural Hard Link, Wireless Design.

The product structure is to adopt hard link, Cable-less design with power and data cables is hidden at the bottom of the panel, its appearance is tidy and beautiful.

Excellent cabinet design with module layout, back cover, location tab, fast lock, module handle, and more.

AL-ES 960 Wireless Design led screen

Aluminum Cabinet, Lightweight, Safety and Reliability, No Distortion.

ATOP-AL-ES960 series of LED display is to adopt aluminum cabinet, the weight of single cabinet is just 24.5KG, display module is die-casting aluminum material, it is fire resistance, no distortion even it is under the high environmental temperature.

Aluminum Profile Cabinet

Dual Service with Frontal and Real Maintenance

LED modules, power supplies, and receiving cards all support front or rear maintenance, and can be installed before wall mounting to meet more installation environment requirements. This dual-service mode of front and rear design to save you maintenance costs. The LED panel can be assembled and disassembled easily and quickly.

Dual Service led display

High Protective Performance

Full waterproof, fully-sealed design and die-casting aluminum module chassis, offering high protecting Rating (front and rear) IP66.

Aluminum material LED module, high temperature durability, fast heat-dissipation.

The whole product can Reach 5VB fireproofing level.

High Protective Performance led screen

Naked Eye 3D Project

Supports 90° angle splicing, easily realizing naked eye 3D display effect.

naked eye 3D display


It is widely used for various of outdoor application fields, such as the exterior wall of building, Hanging Garden, Government Cultural Plaza, Bus Station, Vertical Advertising aside road, etc.

application for led screen

Main Parameter Specification:

Item P4.4 AL-ES960 P5.7 AL-ES960 P6.67AL-ES960 P8 AL-ES960 P10 AL-ES960
Pixel Composition(SMD) 1921 2727 2727 2727 2727/3535
Pixel Pitch(mm) 4.4 5.7 6.67 8 10
Module Resolution(W×H) 108*72 84*56 72*48 60*40 48*32
Module Size(mm) 480*320*15 480*320*17 480*320*17 480*320*17 480*320*17
Module Weight(Kg) 2 2 2 2 2
Module Qty/Cabinet 2*3 2*3 2*3 2*3 2*3
Cabinet Size(mm) 960*960*90 960*960*90 960*960*90 960*960*90 960*960*90
Cabinet Resolution(W×H) 216*216 168*168 144*144 120*120 96*96
Cabinet Area(m²) 0.92 0.92 0.92 0.92 0.92
Cabinet Weight(Kg) 24.5 25 25 25 25
Cabinet Material Aluminum Aluminum Aluminum Aluminum Aluminum
Cabinet Density(dot/m²) 50625 30625 22500 15625 10000
IP Rating IP66 IP66 IP66 IP66 IP66
Single Dot Brightness Amended Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Single Dot Color Amended
White Balance Brightness(cd/m²) 5000-5500 5500 6000 6000 6500
Color Temperature(K) 6500-9000 6500-9000 6500-9000 6500-9000 6500-9000
Visual Angle(H/V) 140°/120° 140°/120° 140°/120° 140°/120° 140°/120°
Contrast Ratio 8000:01:00 17000:1 17000:1 17000:1 17000:1
The Max Power Consumption(W/m²) 550 550 550 550 550
Average Power Consumption(W/m²) 168 180 180 180 180
Input Voltage (V) 110-230 110-230 110-230 110-230 110-230
Maintenance Method Front   and Rear Front   and Rear Front   and Rear Front   and Rear Front   and Rear
Frequency 50&60 50&60 50&60 50&60 50&60
IC Driving(Constant   Current) 1/7s 1/7s 1/6s 1/6s 1/2s
Grayscale It   is available within 65536 It   is available within 65536 It   is available within 65536 It   is available within 65536 It   is available within 65536
Refreshing Ratio(Hz) 3840 3840 3840 3840 3840
Color Processor 14-16bit 14-16bit 14-16bit 14-16bit 14-16bit
Lifespan(h) 100000 100000 100000 100000 100000
Work Temperature/Humidity -10℃-50℃/10%RH-98%RH   (Non Condensing)

Storage Temperature/Humidity -20℃-60℃/10%RH-98%RH   (Non Condensing)

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