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What need to be considered before investing a rental led video display

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Before taking any action, here are the four most important things to do.

1. Rental led display defined

Rental led display refers to the rental of displays using LED technology. LED (short for light emitting diode) has become the standard of today's display technology due to its excellent brightness, color contrast and energy efficiency.

Although LEDs are used in almost all displays, the term " rental LED screen " usually refers to the rental of displays that are much larger than any personal consumer device. That is, a giant screen for activities that require a large number of people to watch.

For these giant displays, a more accurate term is "LED video wall". The LED video wall connects many individual panels or modules together to form a large display screen. Connecting a single panel together can achieve unlimited display sizes, and customize the shape and aspect ratio. The term "rental led display" can also be called, "rental led screen" and "rental led wall"

2. Rental led display pricing

Due to a variance in price based on factors, pixel pitch , material, Usage environment (indoor or outdoor), and how much of the refresh rate

Right now one the market popular rental led screen pixel pitch: Indoor usage: P1.9, p2,5, p2.6, p2.9, p3.9

Outdoor usage: P2.9, P3.9, p4.81

Pitch more small, resolution is more higher, price is more expensive.

With same pixel pitch, outdoor rental led display price is higher than indoor led display

The main materials which affect price have led, pcb, cabinet , IC, and power supply. Based on different quality level.

3. Choosing the right provider

Browse the Internet to find a supplier that serves to oversea market . Be sure to check their previous jobs, reviews, and letters of recommendation. It's okay to receive quotations from multiple companies. Remember, the cheapest route is not necessarily your best choice.

At Atopled company, we provide competitive prices and industry-leading products and services. What sets us apart from other suppliers is our full range of pricing and services. When you receive our rental quotation, it includes delivery, operation, power supply, and unparalleled customer service. All of these are uniform and competitive prices, and there are no unexpected price increases.

4. Choosing right products

1).Pixel pitch-The pixel pitch refers to the distance between two pixels, in millimeters. It is a measure of pixel density. The smaller the number, the clearer the image quality. Pixel pitch is important, not only because it determines the sharpness of the image, but also because it determines the minimum viewing distance. Video walls requiring a viewing distance of 10 feet or closer (such as indoor video walls) should have a spacing of 5 mm or less.

2).Resolution-The resolution of a screen is a measure of the number of pixels in the display, written as (pixel width) x (pixel height) p. For example, a screen with a resolution of 1920x1080p is 1920 pixels wide and 1080 pixels high. The higher the number, the higher the image quality.

3). walls are usually between 1,000 and 3,000 nits, while outdoor LED panels need at least 4,500 nits to be seen in the sun.

IP rating-IP rating is a measure of the product's resistance to natural elements. Written as IP (number 1) (number 2), the first number is the protection of solid objects, and the second number is the protection of liquids. Outdoor screens need at least IP65 rating.

4). 16:9 ratio-16:9 or (1.78:1) ratio is the standard aspect ratio of video and TV. In short, if you plan to display files and feeds in this standard ratio, you need to make sure that the width of your video wall divided by its height is approximately equal to 1.78. Your LED company will help guide you in creating the appropriate proportions for your content, but if they mention this term, you now know what it means.

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