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Shenzhen International Advertising Signs and LED Exhibition ISLE 2022 Annual LED Display screen Exhibition Information

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Shenzhen International Advertising Signage & LED Exhibition ISLE 2022 Annual Information

Concurrently held:

Shenzhen International Audio-Video Intelligent Integration Exhibition ISLE

Shenzhen International Large Screen Display Technology Exhibition ISLE

 Exhibition time: 02.22 ~ 02.24, 2022 Opening hours: 09:00 - 18:00

 Host city: China - Shenzhen - Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center Baoan District

Exhibition time: February 24-27, 2022  (Due to the impact of the new crown virus, there will be no further notice if the time changes.

Holding cycle: once a year)

Exhibition area: 114,760 square meters

Number of exhibitors: 1500

Exhibition industry: advertising signs

    Organizer: Guangzhou Fair Advertising Co., Ltd / China Foreign Trade Guangzhou Exhibition Corp.

Shenzhen International Advertising Signage and LED Exhibition ISLE (Shenzhen Advertising Signage Exhibition, Shenzhen LED Exhibition, ISLE) ISLE exhibition relying on the strong background of the professional organizers of the Canton Fair, China's advertising / production industry 117,200 enterprises as the target customer groups, from the millions of buyers in 212 countries outside the database to select the value of customers, one-on-one invitation; and joint domestic and foreign At the same time, advertising information will be released to more than 2,000 famous news and industry media at home and abroad to realize integrated promotion of investment by various media. Ultimately, various types of buyer groups based on advertising/logo production companies, media companies, exhibition and display companies, event public relations companies, film and television advertising companies, corporate advertisers, advertising creative design companies, stage equipment rental companies, etc., will bring unlimited business opportunities for exhibitors and realize the trade prosperity of the exhibition.

     The history of ISLE (Shenzhen International Advertising & Signage Exhibition, Shenzhen LED Exhibition, ISLE) for many years has accumulated a large number of professional exhibitors and rich market experience in various exhibition fields, which provides exhibitors with a solid and business opportunities. At the show, you can develop potential customers, meet new customers and market distributors, thus reaching sales targets, launching new products and broadening business scope.

Scope of Exhibits

Guangzhou International Advertising Signage and LED Exhibition ISLE: LED commercial lighting, LED architectural lighting, LED home lighting, LED hotel lighting, LED landscape lighting, LED public place lighting, automotive lighting, solar LED, LED drive power and control system

LED, OLED applications:indoor and outdoor LED display, LCD splicing screen, LED advertising light source, LED module, LED light-emitting signs, LED light box, LED stage lighting

LED packaging technology: SMD LEDs, High power LEDs, Lamp LEDs, etc. MOCVD equipment, epitaxial wafer inspection, chip equipment and in-line inspection equipment, device packaging and in-line inspection equipment, light source, module and lamp inspection equipment, LED purification and dust removal equipment

LED components and materials: LED chips, epitaxial wafers, epi-chips and related substrates, LED phosphors, silicones, glue, substrates, wire frames, gold wires

Wind power complementary: wind power complementary street lights, garden lights, system supporting equipment

Intelligent advertising and signage exhibits: advertising and digital image production equipment, advertising production materials, signage systems, exhibition and display systems, service companies, e-commerce and other supporting services, indoor and outdoor advertising media, mass communication media technology and equipment, advertising production and advertising gifts

Venue Information

Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center Baoan District Shenzhen World Exhibition and Convention Center Baoan

Venue area: 500000 square meters

Venue Address: China - Shenzhen - No.1 Zhancheng Road, Fuhai Street, Baoan District, Shenzhen

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