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P3 Front Service Outdoor Led Billboard Front-open Led Display


P3 320x160mm Module
Customized Cabinet

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        HD LED video wall, P3 outdoor LED advertising solutions, including outdoor LED display and digital billboard product features. LED display P3 outdoor digital billboard, using high quality LED lamp beads, high brightness, good quality. P3 using National Star outdoor SMD lamp beads, outdoor LED screen with special waterproof design can protect it from water and dust. When installing LED in outdoor, waterproof protection is a serious problem, atop company is doing waterproof special protection measures can protect it from environmental hazards. Make it high IP rating IP65 to ensure high quality and stable output in any situation. Wide viewing angle, both horizontally and vertically up to 160°. Module face shield UV resistant module, anti-oxidation module frame to prevent deformation.

P3 front service outdoor led billboard

        HD outdoor LED P3 outdoor LED display uses Meanwell's power supply, power conversion rate of up to 85%, low heat dissipation, long life. If the use of ordinary power supply electronic optical conversion rate of 80% or less, and high heat dissipation, instability and low cost.

     Ultra-low power consumption, the first choice for energy saving, 6000 nits of brightness, 600W/m2 power consumption, 50% lower than traditional panels. Excellent display performance, the first choice for millions of advertising operators.

     High brightness and better quality, locations installed outdoors require displays that produce high brightness output. P3 SMD outdoor LED screens with high brightness and high definition ensure high quality pictures , high definition displays and adjustable LED brightness can meet customer requirements for changes in different environments. Modular design, flexible cabinet size, to meet different size requirements. Make it perfect for stage, bank, highway, promotion, station, stadium and other outdoor places.

Outdoor P3 front flip cover display case

         High refresh rate usingMBI5153 ,ICN2152 driver chip with full receiver card loading. Make the display has high refresh rate. Provide a good image and better advertising effect when playing video. The image color is very vivid, can support video shooting, clear picture quality assurance, no mosaic phenomenon, good uniformity and high screen flatness.

         Outdoor LED screen display for street. Outdoor building LED display, full color outdoor LED billboard. High definition LED video wall screen P2.5 ,P3 ,P4 ,P5 ,P6 ,P8, P10 .

1. Easy to install. The front service design makes maintenance easy and low cost. No need to do structure, you can directly mount the LED display on the wall with screws.

2. Easy to maintain. Quick and easy to assemble, disassembly system, short installation time, LED cabinet can be opened from the front, maintenance personnel can easily open and maintain the LED display.

3. SMD triple LED: ensure seamless and flatness, high brightness, high definition, wide viewing angle, beautiful video effect... Excellent flatness and good luminous uniformity, no mosaic display.

4. Good protection grade waterproof IP65, anti-corrosion, anti-oxidation, long life.

5. High brightness: brightness can be adjusted automatically by led studio according to different environments.

6. Can be installed on the wall, supported by the pole on the street, on top of the building, etc. 7.

7. Support all formats of video, graphic, image, text, message, flash, animation, etc.

8. Support PC online or offline control, also can use asynchronous system remote control, wifi control, 3G control.

9. Applicable models: P3, P3.33, P4, P5, P6, P8, P10, P16

Technical Parameters

LED    Chip

SMD1921   Kinglight/Nationstar



Single   Cabinet size    (W x H)

can     be customized

Cabinet   Material

Front   maintenance steel cabinet

Pixel   Pitch(mm)


pixel   density(dot/㎡)


Brightness     (cd/㎡)


Module     size(mm)


Resolution     (dot)


pixel     configuration


Driver     IC




Power   Supply


Best View   Distancing


Vertical   Viewing Angle

120°     (Standard LEDs Viewing Angle)

Horizontal   Viewing Angle

120°     (Standard LEDs Viewing Angle)


>5500cd/㎡    Ensure brilliant images

Brightness   Adjustment

Manual,     256 level; Auto, 8 levels

Grey Scale

256     Shades Per Color

Grey   levels

16     bits

Operating   Temperature

–25℃~+50℃ 30%~90%RH

Input   Voltage


Input   Power Frequency


Screen   Power Consumption

Max:     900w/㎡; Average:400w/㎡

Refresh   Rate


Frame Rate

 >   60 frames/sec


Defect   Rate




IP rate ,   Front/Rear


Control   Method

Synchronized     with computer monitor

Way of   Drive

1/16     scan

Color   Temperature



 >   16.7millions

Support    Mode

VGA,     800*800 display synchronically with the computer, correspondence dot   to dot

Control   Distance

120 m     (no repeating); Optical fiber transmission: 500m- 10km

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