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Full color P10 indoor fixed installation led module

Pixel pitch: 10 mm
LED module size: 320mmx160mm
Model Pixel: 32X16 Pixels
lattice density: 10000 dots/square meter
Pixel form: 1R1PG1GB SMD 3528
Minimum order quantity: 1 square meter
ISO9001, CE, FCC, RoHS,CCC certification
2-3 years warranty
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       Atop company main production LED electronic display, outdoor LED display, LED unit board, LED full color screen, LED big screen, LED door display and other kinds of LED unit board manufacturers.

       For many years, P10 SMD indoor LED display is one of the most popular indoor LED display products, it is cost-effective, installed in the indoor words, for the screen area of large occasions, 10000 pixels per square meter density and 10 mm pixel pitch characteristics, P10 mm indoor LED display has better image clarity and brightness.

       At the same time, it provides the best viewing experience when the viewing distance is 10 meters to 200 meters, so it is perfect for most indoor situations. In addition, PH10 LED display has its advantages in terms of cost effectiveness compared with other indoor LED display products of other specifications.

         P10 indoor LED unit board is composed of SMD3528 3-in-1 full color led beads, SMD full color surface mount LED display adopts international advanced surface mount 3-in-1 packaging technology, and high quality luminescent chip, driver IC for indoor surface mount full color display in brightness, gray scale, contrast, high density, viewing angle, stability, color uniformity, color saturation, image edge delicacy, video The effect is smooth and so on, P10 because of the use of smd3528 full color lamp beads, its high brightness, lamp beads have a wide viewing angle, wide field of view performance, so it is very special. p10LED unit board size, the conventional size is 320 * 160mm, the installation method four corners can be screwed on the magnet, in the indoor fixed installation site, can be quickly and easily used, the structure of the installation Led module can also be assembled on the iron box, die-casting aluminum box, the size of the box is 960 * 960mm, assembled on top of the box to achieve front and rear maintenance, the use of ultra-thin aluminum box for the construction of the site. Can also be the whole stage effect to achieve perfect presentation. Is widely used in indoor stage background, indoor stadium, conference room, monitoring center, supermarket, exhibition hall, airport and other public occasions.

      Our company is a professional manufacturer of LED displays in Shenzhen, China. Welcome to wholesale SMD P10 indoor LED displays from our factory. It also provides a full range of modules, such as:P1.86mm, P2 mm, P2.5 mm, P3 mmP4 mmP5 mm,P6 mmP7.62mm pixel pitch options are also available.

       P10 indoor fixed led display cabinet 960x960mm


Indoor P10mm LED display, HD led wall video

1.SMD LED with Best Color Uniformity and Relaible Quality.

2.High Refresh Rate and High Grey Grade with Reliable Driving IC.

3.Best Power Supply of Meanwell PSU of CE,UL Approved.

4.LED Cabinet Can be Customized accroding to your LED Display Size.

Product name

P10-8s indoor LED display

Pixel pitch


Unit plate size


Unit box size

960* 960(mm),

Physical density


Pixel configuratio


Panel resolution


Weight of unit plate


Box resolution


Box area

0.4096m squared

Die casting aluminum weight

26KG + 0.05KG

Main technical parameters

Best visual range

8m ~ 75m

Level of viewing Angle

>= 160 ° is optional


160 ° or more optional

The average power consumption

<<300W / m2

The maximum power consumption

< 500 w /m2

Control mode

Synchronization control

Display card

DVI video card drive mode 1/32 scan

Maximum power

no more than 18W

Refresh rate

more than 1920Hz/3840Hz


>= 1000 CD / m2

Frame switching frequency

five hundred fifty over sixty

Brightness adjustment

Brightness induction, automatically adjusts 16 levels of adjustable

Software manual adjustment

100 level adjustable 100

Computer operating system 

WIN98, WINXP, WIN2000,etc

Video signal

RF, s-video, RGB, RGBHV, YUV, YC, etc

Control system

PCTV card (optional optional optional) +DVI video card + master control card + optical fiber transmission (optional optional optional)

Life expectancy

75,000 ~ 100,000 hours

Pixel out of control rate

< 0.0002 pieces

Project category



three in one

LED packagin


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