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Applications of small pitch led display

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The small pixel pitch LED has improved the image quality significantly on the LED display screen. Moreover, it shortened the viewing distance and have resolved technical problems related to low grayscale and high brightness. Also, it is widely accepted in many industries. So, what is a small pixel pitch LED? Continue reading the article to know more about it.

Small Pitch LED Display adopts breakthrough technology to achieve the real seamless splicing with P1.2 /P1.5 / P1.6 / P1.8/ P1.9/ P2.0/ P2.5 pixel pitch.

A smaller pixel pitch indicates higher pixel density and higher resolution.The high-density pixels create a full-detailed and crisp appearance,adding an element of luxury and high quality to LED Display screen.

Fine Pitch LED Display to get ultra-high resolution images for indoor applications where image quality matters,such as control rooms, broadcasting studios, meeting & training rooms, museums, college campuses,the brand retails, etc.
* HD Image Quality with high Refresh Rate
* Narrow pixel pitchs lower to 1.25mm
* Die-casting Aluminum cabinet serves light weight

Security Monitoring

With no seams, good color performance and low energy consumption, the small-pitch LED display can meet the needs of high-end indoor applications such as dispatching and command centers, command and control centers, studios and meteorological information centers. It has high quality requirements.

Compared with the current dominant DLP rear projection splicing screen in the field of security monitoring command and dispatch, as well as the rapid development of LCD splicing screen, the significant advantage of small pitch led display is no splicing, and in theory can be infinitely expanded. And the installation is flexible and diverse, the screen body is thin and light, saving space, high brightness, can meet the needs of semi-outdoor environment. In addition, there is no high cost of bulb replacement, low energy consumption, and low cost of post-operation and maintenance.


Small pixel pitch LED screen has flexible structure, wide viewing angle, ultra-thin body, easy installation and maintenance, and low power consumption. It is widely used in various public information display fields, such as information bulletin boards in hotel lobbies, airports, cinemas and hospitals, as well as corporate image promotion, museum heritage display, stadium scoreboards, etc.

In the commercial field with public information display needs, small pitch led display can replace large and medium-sized commercial display. Its significant advantage is that it can achieve large size, low power consumption, long life, and can adapt to the use of long-term continuous start-up operation requirements.

In the engineering field, small-pitch LED display, as a latecomer, needs to face the challenges from DLP, LCD splicing screen and other display technologies. In the commercial display field, it also needs to compete with projectors, electronic whiteboards, LCD and other products. After effectively conquering the "high brightness and low gray" and other technical problems, small pitch led display manufacturers on the one hand through technical upgrades and other means to reduce prices, on the other hand, to strengthen the relevant construction capacity. Supporting software and other comprehensive solutions to quickly enhance the competitiveness of small-pitch led display.

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