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ATOP-PO Series Shopping Mall Easy Moving Indoor Advertising Floor Standing Led Display Screen Panel Digital Mirror Poster Screen

320X160mm Module
640x1920mm Cabinet
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Poster led screen

ATOP-PO Series

640x1920mm standard size or customized

P1.8/P2/P2.5/P3 available

Easy & Fast Plug and Play

Light and Thin

USB/WIFI/ 4G/ LAN Control

GOB protection or acrylic plate protection for choose

High refresh 3840, high contrast, high grayscale, vivid colors.

poster led screen


1. Save operation costs, information update is timely

2. Animated advertising is more likely to create amazing role

3. Help to increase product sales and brand visibility and popularity

4. Enhance interaction with customers

5. Update the playback in real time, and ensure that the information conveys high efficiency

poster led screen cabinet view

Cabinet details:


Detachable base

The base can be disassembled at will, and the wheels are more convenient to move

Heat Dissipation

3 pieces heat dissipation holes make poster led screen cool without fans

Bottom junction box

Internal wires are more tidy

Signal& Power Plug

It makes faster and easier connection.

poster led screen Cabinet details

Standing installation with wheels, it's easier to move to other places.

poster led screen Standing installation with wheels

Synchronous or asynchronous control

Videos and photos can be uploaded by 3G, 4G, WlFl, USB Disk, it can also be controlled by Phone APP and LAN.

Synchronous or asynchronous control

Synchronous or asynchronous control

Support multiple installation methods

Can adapt to your various places’ needs, more convenient and faster walking LED poster screen. When place order, please tell us how will you install the poster led display, then we will provide you different installation accessories.

multiple installation methods led poster

Multi-screen splicing

The Digital LED poster display not only supports individual usage but also cascade program. Multiple screens can be spliced together into a large LED display screen.

Multi-screen splicing

Convenient Maintenance

Changing system card without resetting, Module front maintenance without protective layer disassembled.

Module front maintenance: No need to disassemble protective layer

Creative tool: Vac-sorb maintenance tool

System box design: 1 second tool-free open it.

Module front maintenance

Protection grade:

GOB protection or acrylic plate protection for choose, with waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-collision, anti-collision function, suitable for frequent movement.

Application scenario:

Suitable for exhibition, shopping malls, theaters, commercial stages, chain stores, hotels, auto 4S stores, clothing stores, e-sports game halls, airports and other places.

led poster screen Application scenario

Main parameter specification:

Item       P1.86-PO P2-PO P2-PO P2.5-PO P3-PO
Pixel Pitch(mm) 1.86 2 2 2.5 3
LED Encapsulation SMD1515 SMD2121 SMD2121 SMD2121 SMD2121
Module Resolution(pixels) 172x86 160x80 128x64 128x64 64x64
Module Size<WxH>(mm) 320x160 320x160 256x128 320x160 192x192
Panel Resolution(pixels) 344x1032 320x960 256x960 256x768 192x640
Panel Size<WxHxD>(mm) 640x1920 512x1920 512x1920 640x1920 576x1920
Physical Density (Pixels/m2) 288906 250000 250000 160000 111111
Optimum Viewing Angle H:160° V:140°
Option Distance(m) >2 >2 >2 >3 >4
Input Voltage 110-220VAC±10%
Max. Power Consumption(w/m2) 850 800 800 700 650
AVE. Power Con sum ption (w/m2) 500 450 450 300 350
Brightness(cd/m2) 700 900 900 1000 1000
Refresh Frequency (Hz) >1920-3840
Frame Frequency(Hz) 60
Grayscale (bit) 16
Operating Temperature/Humidity(°C/RH) -20°Cto +50°C/ 20% to 90%

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