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The introduction of indoor commercial LED screen design solutions to understand

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Commercial LED screen design should be coordinated with the surrounding environment. It can vividly display various graphic information and can be split-screen display, which makes the screen effect of the released graphic information more vivid and diversified. The commercial LED screen design will follow the following principles

1. Reliability

2. Advanced

3. Reasonableness

4. Practicality


P2 Indoor Rental high definition Led Display


LED processing process welding temperature is the most damage to the LED chip, precise control of welding time and welding temperature has a vital role in the stability of the product.

The 3-in-1 production line consists of an automatic solder paste printing machine, automatic placement machine, automatic reflow machine and other international first-class automatic equipment, the welding process without human intervention, which greatly improves the reliability of the product, reduces the probability of maintenance of commercial LED screens and saves a lot of post-maintenance costs for users.


Advanced features

1)Whole screen consistency correction technology: solve the uniformity problem of the display, realize the brightness and colour of each light-emitting base colour independent adjustment, eliminate the brightness and colour deviation when displaying, ensure the uniformity and consistency of the whole screen colour and brightness.

(2) full-screen colour measurement and control technology: eliminate the display composite colour non-uniformity brought about by device chromaticity deviation, display uniformity achieved in the white field and all colours, and improve display quality.

(3) quiet technology: for indoor commercial LED screen for environmental noise restrictions, the product adopts fanless design, the box, the screen body are natural heat dissipation, fully consider the relationship between heat generation, heat conduction body, ventilation lines, scientific design of air ducts, increase the efficiency of hot and cold air exchange, to meet the screen heat dissipation requirements, the premise of the maximum reduction of noise, the choice of self-developed silent switching power supply to prevent interference with the scene.



Commercial LED screen design so that all kinds of resources maximize efficiency, reflecting the concept of environmental protection and energy-saving, whether the system design is in line with objective laws, experimental materials, experimental data, experimental results are reliable, etc.

(1) system configuration from the actual demand, with the overall technical program provided, all kinds of resources to maximize the effectiveness of the choice of materials that is not conservative, nor wasteful, to achieve the best use.

(2) All experimental materials, technical parameters, experimental data, experimental results have been tested and certified in large quantities, in line with the reality, the results are real and reliable.

(3) Commercial LED screen product design fully consider the concept of environmental protection and energy-saving, the visual effect and environmental protection and energy-saving combined, that is, to maintain the visual effect of the commercial LED screen, but also reduce energy and emission, effectively reduce light pollution. The display adopts a unique heat dissipation structure to effectively reduce power consumption, improve maintenance and control and convenience, saving the use and maintenance costs.



The commercial LED screen adopts systematic design ideas, combining the display system with the application field and providing the corresponding control methods and application software, at the same time, the subsystems in the general system are streamlined or expanded for the field so that the display system functions fully meet the needs of the field while providing a standard video interface, which can be seamlessly integrated with other information distribution systems.


Indoor commercial fixed installation led screen is manufactured by the excellent technical team of Shenzhen Atop Led Opto Electronic Co., Ltd and can be designed according to customers' requirements. After-sales, if there is any problem with the product, you can notify by email and we will reply immediately.

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