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The definition of fine pixel pitch led display

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Fine pixel pitch LED displays could be the next big thing. It's not just hype either. If you want high-resolution screens for digital signage with great image quality that’s great up close and personal, this is the best bet. Plus, you get all the benefits of a traditional LED screen.  What’s not to love?

Well, it’s a direct view LED display, version 2.0. Like your trusty ole LED displays that you set up for big installations, fine pixel pitch LED screens rely on the same kind of tech, but better. Light emitting diodes create all the magic you need to show off your awesome content in fine pixel pitch LEDs, just like in direct view LED screens. You just get more of them.

The pixel pitch is center to center distance of adjacent pixels measured in millimeters. In a plan term, pixel pitch shows the gap between the pixels of LED display. The smaller pixel pitch means there is smaller empty space between the pixels and there are more number of pixel, results in higher resolution and higher image quality. Figure below illustrate the pixel pitch for a high resolution SMD LED module and standard resolution DIP LED module.


Pixel pitch determine the resolution, minimum viewing distance and best viewing distance of led screen. The smaller the pixel pitch, the more pixel and results in more details and higher image quality. So if you need to show high resolution images or video on your display, you need LED display with small pixel pitch. The following figure shows the pixel pitch effect on image quality.

To conclude:

(1) Pixel pitch means the density of pixels;

(2) The smaller the pixel pitch, the closer the viewing distance, and the higher the resolution;

(3) Fine pixel pitch means very close viewing distance and high resolution.

what is difference between a fine pixel pitch led and traditional led displays.

It’s all about your use case. Because you don’t need fine pixel pitch everywhere. Sometimes it’s fine to have a bigger distance between pixels. For instance in huge digital signage installations in places like stadiums or Times Square. There it’s perfectly acceptable to use traditional (and cheaper) LED screens where you don’t need such a high resolution.

Why? Because everyone watches those kinds of digital signage screens from a distance. So you don’t need pixels placed really close together because no one will get close enough to see how blocky content gets when you don’t have fine pixel pitch.

After all, fine pixel pitch LEDs do cost more than traditional LED screens. And you don’t need to have such stellar image quality in all situations. Big screens on a university campus that target students walking by don’t need fine pixel pitch. Basically it’s stupid to pay more if no one will even get close enough to see the individual pixels. So you’ve got to decide where people will be when they’re watching your screens before you spring for fine pixel pitch LED displays

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