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The Price Hike Did Not Happen Suddenly

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During the last year, the price increase of raw materials occurred frequently, which is not uncommon in the entire society. Affected by the epidemic, politics, and the relationship between supply and demand, raw material price increases have occurred in various industries, including the furniture industry, the home appliance industry, and the electronic product industry. Earlier, all industries announced the impact of rising raw material prices on themselves.

As one of the many electronic products, LED display screens were stuck in mud during last year's "price increase", making it difficult to stay out. In October last year, the prices of RGB packaging devices, LED display driver IC, PCB sheets, and even steel, plastic, glue and other upstream raw materials continued to rise. In November, copper clad laminate manufacturers launched another "price increase letter attack" with an increase of approximately At about 10%, this has an extraordinary impact on LED display products.

During last year, some senior people in the LED display industry made predictions, saying that this wave of "price increases" in 2020 will not easily dissipate, and will continue into 2021. Now, at the beginning of the new year, this wave of price increases for raw materials such as copper, iron, aluminum, and plastics has confirmed last year’s forecast and is a continuation of last year’s “price increase”.

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