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PH3.33-12S-320x160mm outdoor energy-saving common cathode full-color surface mount module

Pixel pitch: 3.33 mm
LED module size: 320mmx160mm
Model Pixel: 96X48 Pixels

Energy saving: 60% energy saving per square meter in normal use
lattice density: 90180 dots/square meter
Pixel form: 1R1PG1GB SMD 1921/1820
Minimum order quantity: 1 square meter
ISO9001, CE, FCC, RoHS,CCC certification
3-5 years warranty

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       ATOP-PH3.33 outdoor common cathode energy-saving full-color surface mount module is an outdoor small-pitch energy-saving product designed by our company's professional mold opening. It adopts DC low voltage 2.8V/3.8V separate power supply mode, and the driver chip adopts Chipone North The low-voltage power supply common cathode driver ICND2049 and the common cathode row decoder ICND2019 chip improve power supply efficiency and reduce energy consumption. Under the same brightness, the energy consumption is 35-40% lower than that of conventional LED displays. PCB four-layer circuit design, TG150KB sheet thickness 1.6mm, sheet material and copper thickness meet industry standards, adopting common cathode driver ICND2049 and common cathode row decoding ICND2019 chip can effectively suppress the internal short circuit of LED light-emitting chip and open-circuit upstream ghosts Concealment and downward afterimage phenomenon.


Product name

P3.33  12s  outdoor LED display

Pixel pitch


Unit plate size


Unit box size

640* 640*100 (mm), 960*960*100(mm)

Physical density


Pixel configuratio


Panel resolution


Weight of unit plate


Box resolution

192*192, 288*288

Box area

0.4096m squared/0.9216m squared

Die casting aluminum weight

32KG + 0.05KG

Main technical parameters

Best visual range

3m ~ 33m

Level of viewing Angle

>= 160 ° is optional


160 ° or more optional

The average power consumption

< 500W / m2

The maximum power consumption

< 700 w /m2

Control mode

Synchronization control

Display card

DVI video card drive mode 1/32 scan

Maximum power


Refresh rate

more than 1920Hz/3840Hz


>= 6000 CD / m2

Frame switching frequency

five hundred fifty over sixty

Brightness adjustment

Brightness induction, automatically adjusts 16 levels of adjustable

Software manual adjustment

100 level adjustable 100

Computer operating system 

WIN10, WIN7etc

Video signal

RF, s-video, RGB, RGBHV, YUV, YC, etc

Control system

PCTV card (optional optional optional) +DVI video card + master control card + optical fiber transmission (optional optional optional)

Life expectancy

75,000 ~ 100,000 hours

Pixel out of control rate

< 0.0002 pieces

Project category



three in one

LED packagin


Product Description

1:The front and back pictures and basic dimensions of the LED full-color display module.

2:Adopting Chipone North's low-voltage power supply common cathode driver chip ICND 2049AP and common cathode row decoding chip ICND 2019AP, which can effectively suppress the upward ghosting and downstream afterimages caused by the internal short circuit of the LED light-emitting chip and the open-circuit string light.

3:The power socket adopts VH6P degree gold, 2.8V is red wire, 3.8V is blue wire, the contact is firm and the power supply is more guaranteed

4:Module interface definition:

5:Module bottom shell kit size drawing

6:LED module product packaging picture

Module packaging picture

Carton+Pearl Cotton Knife Card

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