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P5.33 Outdoor Front Service Fixed Installation Led Display


P5.33 320x320mm Front Service
960x960mm or Customized Cabinet
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Product Features

Outdoor front maintenance led screen series are mainly used for outdoor advertising, information publishing, journalism and communication in some places, such as cultural square, traffic arteries, stations, terminals, information centers, entertainment venues, shopping, centers, commercial city and etc. 

Application Fields

To fit every different scene, our products utilize superior materials with the concise and strong structure. This product is usually used in:

  • Truck Trailers;

  • Scoreboards;

  • Digital Out of Home(DOOH).

Superior Design, Outstanding Features

To meet the needs of extremely high brightness, we fully use high-quality materials and exquisite craftsmanship to manufacture this module. After thousands of performance tests and stability tests, this new star has been introduced into the group of Front Access Series.

P4 Outdoor front maintenance led screen-application

1. High brightness SMD1921/SMD2727/SMD3535 LED is used for outdoor LED display, keeping the display content visible even if facing the strong sunshine directly. 

1. SMD led encapsulation confirms wide view angle and energy-saving.

2. With excellent mask design for better protecting the leds,and with good anti-reflection for high contrast ratio

3. Weatherproof IP65 design, completely outdoor use. 

4. LED screen with front service, the cabinet is slim and light, save space, convenient for installation and maintenance, save material and transportation costs.

6. High color uniformity and clear image can bring you a vivid audio visual effect. 

6. Rear access is also available. 

7. The LED Chips that we use have the advantages of large viewing angle, low power consumption and good color uniformity. 

8. Cabinet with double fan design, speed up internal air circulation, auxiliary heat make the screen more stable and reliable. 

9. Apply to wall-mounting led signs,Pillar led screen,Embedded led wall,Monument led board,Pylon led signs etc.

P4 outdoor front maintenance led screen-aging test

P4 outdoor front maintenance led screen cabinet-inner appearance

Module details

Outdoor front service led display module, different pixeles different module size,usually,P3.91/P4.81 are 250mmx250mm size, P4/P5.33/P6.67/P8/P10 are 320mmx320mm size.

outdoor front maintenance led module-front appearance

P3.91/P4.81/P4/P5.33 led module use SMD1921 led lamp,P6.67/P8 use SMD2727/SMD3535,P10 use SMD3535,high brightness and high quality

P4 outdoor front maintenance led module-front details

No screws, bottom shell mounting hole size the same, easier to disassemble the modules and mount the modules on the cabinet.

p4 outdoor led module-maintenance hole

Terminal:assembly more stable,more convient, more efficient, can connect power supply

Fence: protect the pins,and prevent the pins are out of shape

Waterproof strip: Each module is fitted with a waterproof strip

Latch for front access with Allen key

P4 outdoor front maintenance led module-back details

It's easy to maintenance.Using a special hexagonal screwdriver to insert into the invisible maintenance hole on the front, rotate 90 degrees, then the lock on the back of the module will open accordingly. The module can be easily disassembled and maintained within a few seconds.

P4 outdoor led module front maintenance operation

Cabinet details:

1) Dual-maintenance, from both the front side and the rear side. People usually use its front maintenance function.

2) Easy maintenance, easy to disassemble the modules with a hexagonal screwdriver.

3) No screws, easier to disassemble the modules and mount the modules on the cabinet.

4)New plastic cover with new mold, smaller module gaps and better screen flatness.

5)960x960mm iron cabinet or the size can be customized,it's thin,high precition.Light weight,save labor cost and tansportation cost.

Fully Front Access, Lighter and Easier

The concise structure and light weight are designed to reduce the pressure of constructions and transportation. The modules, power supply, receiving card, and other components can be removed in the front, which is convenient for the maintainer to maintain the LED screen. Single cabinet is:

  • 30kgs Weight

  • 110mm Thickness

outdoor front maintenance led screen-cabinetoutdoor front maintenance cabinet 960x960mm

All parts(power supply, controller, fans, etc.)can be front service

4 Outdoor Front maintenance Led Screen Technical Specification

P4 LED Module
P4 outdoor front maintenance led moudle-back side (1)P4 outdoor front maintenance led moudle-front side Pixel   Pitch(mm) 5.33mm
pixel density(dot/㎡) 35200
pixel configuration R G B
Module size(mm) 320×320
Module Resolution (dot) 60x60
Led lamp Nationstar/Kinglight   SMD1921
Scan 1/8 scan

Led Screen Cabinet
P4 outdoor front maintenance led screen cabinet-inner appearanceoutdoor front maintenance led screen-cabinet Cabinet   size(W x H)                                   960mm×960mm
Cabinet Resolution 180*180 dots
module quantity 9pcs
Material Iron/aluminum
Protect Level IP65
Cabinet Weight (kg/set) 30KG

LED Screen and Control System

P4 Outdoor front maintenance led screen-application

linsn Sending card

Linsn receiving card

Driver   IC ICN2037/2038S/ICN2153/MBI5124
Power Supply Meanwell/CZCL/G-energy
Best View Distancing 5.33m
Vertical Viewing Angle 120° (Standard LEDs Viewing Angle)
Horizontal Viewing Angle 120° (Standard LEDs Viewing Angle)
Brightness >6000cd/㎡ Ensure brilliant images
Brightness Adjustment Manual,   256 level; Auto, 8 levels
Grey Scale 256 Shades Per Color
Grey levels 16 bits
Operating Temperature –25℃~+60℃ 10%~95%RH
Input Voltage AC110V/220V±10%
Input Power Frequency 50/60Hz
Screen Power Consumption Max:   800w/㎡; Average:480w/㎡
Refresh Rate 1920HZ/3840HZ
Frame Rate > 60 frames/sec
Defect Rate ≤0.0001
Humidity 0-90%
IP rate IP65
Control Method Synchronized with computer monitor
Way of Drive 1/8 scan
Color Temperature 6500K±500
Color > 16.7millions
Support Mode

VGA, 800*800 display synchronically with the computer, correspondence dot to dot

Control Distance

120m (no repeating); Optical fiber transmission: 500m- 10km

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