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P3.91 Indoor 500x500mm Led Cabinet Rental Led Display Screen

Pixel pitch: 3.91mm
Cabinet size:500x500mm
LED module size:250x250mm
MOQ: 1 square meter
ISO9001, CE, FCC, RoHS,CCC Approved
2-3 Year Warranty
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FEATURES and advantage:

1. Die-casting aluminum , low temp-rise

2.Hard Connection, HUB card design, Without Any Cables

3. Magnetic front service or Back service with screw

4.High-efficiency cooling, No fan ,mute design, noise-free.

5. High refresh rate , low light high gray

6. High precision, seamless splicing, accurate to size of the electrical and mechanical processing 0.1mm

7. Lightweight - weighs only 7kg, single person can be a single portable, and extremely easy to install;

8. Compatible - the new structure designed to meet the lifting, stacking requirements to meet the indoor and outdoor requirements;

Details products:

1.Same cabinet design for variety of pixel pitch led display

INDOOR: P1.953 P2.5 P2.604 P2.976 P3.91 P4.81

OUTDOOR: P2.976 P3.91P4.81

Led panel

Panel Details Show

* Size: 500(W)*500(H)x76.6(T)mm
* Weight: 7.5kg
* Pixel Pitch: P1.953/P2.5/P2.6/P2.9/P3.9/P4.8
* Application: stage background, party, show room, exhibition, bar, church...

2. Hard Connection without any cables. Embedded module, power supply, receiving card.

Led cabient details

HUB Board

* Without wires connection, signal and power can transfer more stable and reliable.
* HUB board connect modules and power supplies directly instead of wires.
* Directly take out back cover, easy to change within 5 seconds.

3. Front maintenance

Front maintenance led panel

* Front and rear maintenance available.

* Faster and easier to install and disassembly.
* Magnetic suction installation, simple and quick maintenance for various installation environment, improve work efficiency.
* Die casting aluminum panel.

4. Led panel seamless splicing 

Led cabinet Seamless Splicing

* Slim and light weight,quick disassembly.
* Weight: 7.5kg/cabinet,one person can carry,saving time and effort.
* High degree of protection,high durability.
* Common good,flexible and easy to use.

5. Led screen Testing in factory

Rental led screen projectsEach screen Tesing 72 hours

Led cabinet aging

aging at workshop

6. Cabinet can be with curved lock for creative led screen

curved led screen 1

back side 

curved led display

front side

7. Production processor

Led screen production processor

8. Accessories of rental led screen

led screen accessories


Technology parameter:




Pixel Pitch(mm)


LED Encapsulation


Module Resolution(pixels)


Module Size<WxH>(mm)


Panel Resolution(pixels)


Panel Size<WxHxD>(mm)




Physical Density (Pixels/nf)


Optimum Viewing Angle

H:160° V:160°

Option Distance(m)


Input Voltage


Max. Power Consumption(w/m2)


AVE. Power Consumption(w/m2)




Refresh Frequency (Hz)


 Frame Frequency(Hz)


Grayscale (bit)


Operating Temperature/Humidity(°C/RH)

-10°C-40°C/ 10-80%RH

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