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P3.91-7.81 transparent led display to America

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P3.91-7.81 transparent led display to America

Product details:

Pixel Pitch: 3.91-7.81mm

Cabinet Size: 500x1000mm

Number of Cabinets: 200pcs

LED lamp: Nationstar SMD1921

Module Size: 500x125mm

Control system: Novastar

Package: Flight case

Shipping Destination: America

P3.91-7.81 Transparent led display

P3.91-7.81 Transparent led display

P3.91-7.81 Transparent led display

P3.91-7.81 Transparent led display

P3.91-7.81 Transparent led display

P3.91-7.81 Transparent led display

What is Transparent LED Screen?

A Transparent LED Screen is a clear LED (light-emitting diode) screen that transmits light like glass, which is ideal if you want a high-end, ultra-high-definition window advertisement display.

You may use a small LED trasparent screen behind a shop window, or you may plan to install a large LED transparent screen behind a shopping mall entrance's glass. In some cases, you may intend to use a transparent LED screen in an event and move it to the next event from time to time.

trasparent LED screen technology is a very flexible kind of digtial technology that is now widely used globally, or used for comercial and advertisement purposes but also for public service purposes. For example, transparent LED display performs in retail stores, shopping centers, hotels. restaurants cafes, nightclubs bars, beauty salons, jewelry stores, casinos.

We manufacture and offer you vast pixel pitches of transparent LED screens,such as P2.8,P3.1,P3.9,P7.8,P10.42, and others customized based on your project needs.

ATOPLED Transparent LED Screen uses modular cabinet sizes 500x500mm,1000x500mm,and it is customized for your project.

Our transparent LED shape can be flat, curved, and customized to fit your installation area needs.

High Transparency

ATOPLED transparent led screen is 70%-90% transparency with unique see-through technology.

Transparent led video wall makes a neat and clear appearance with high transparent led display.

High Brightness

ATOPLED have low, middle and high brightness level according to different applications for transparent led video wall. Customers can choose the proper one for projects with cost-saving and approoriate solution. Brightness sensor is also available for self-adjustment at day and night.

Aluminum & Light Weight Cabinet

ATOPLED transparent led screen is 500×1000mm and 1000×1000mm standard cabinet design with simple and practical appearance. The weight is only 10kg/㎡ and ultra-thin aluminum cabinet is 61mm thickness.

Fast Installation and Maintenance

ATOPLED supplies standard and integrated cabinet for fast and easy installation. Fast lock is able for cabinet quick connection with ATOPLED transparent led display. Led transparent screen can save installation time and cost.

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