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Outdoor commercial LED screen system performance introduction

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The outdoor commercial LED screen contains a screen, control system, lightning protection system and installation structure and decoration parts. Combined with amusement activities, recreational facilities, cultural displays, making customers are immersed in its shaped space linger. Commercial LED screens can be used to display and attract customers. Commercial LED screen also has a wide range of applications. outdoor commercial fixed installation led screen's display system main performance are

1. Synchronization technology of commercial LED screen

2. Clear image

3. Safe system operation

4. Flexible remote control


P10 Outdoor Led Billboard Gaint Led Screen for Fixed Installtaion

Synchronization technology of commercial LED screen

The commercial LED screen display system is designed and manufactured with reliable quality and advanced technology, in line with industry norms and technology development trends. The system adopts synchronization technology, large screen content and, video synchronization display. It can display Chinese and English text, graphics, animation, video images. Input tools: computer keyboard, mouse, scanner, etc. and video directly connected. The system's visual and audio interfaces and internal processing of visual and audio meet professional TV broadcast specifications, commercial LED screens can combine the characteristics of broadcast TV signals, to provide a realistic, complete, high-quality display of TV broadcast signals.


Clear image

Commercial LED screen image resolution and high clarity, clear screen image without flicker. The brightness of the display is uniform, with good colour balance and the natural colour of the image space. The image colour is soft and realistic, rich in grayscale, with a strong sense of hierarchy and three-dimensionality. To achieve the best visual performance of the LED display, the best driver ICs are used, such as MBI 5153/MBI 5124/ICN 2153/ICN2038S. The commercial LED screen to display content can be edited in real-time through the keyboard, i.e., programmed, or automatically changed according to the time program. The system works stably and reliably, with strong anti-interference ability and long life of the screen, which can work continuously for more than 24 hours.


System operation safety

Commercial LED screen display system meets the requirements of anti-corrosion, high-temperature resistance, anti-static, fire retardant, anti-vibration, and corresponding protection treatment; electrical operation with short circuit, circuit break, over-current, over-voltage, under-voltage and leakage protection. When serious errors occur in the system can automatically shut down the alarm to ensure the safety and reliability of the system operation.


Flexible remote control

Mature display system software, full Chinese interface, simple operation. Convenient and flexible network remote control, special display system control software, powerful, simple, easy and flexible operation; unified realization of central control and remote monitoring functions. Program production and playback control software is powerful, easy to use, simple to learn, supports a variety of file formats, supports media files, supports external video input, supports real-time time display.


Shenzhen Atop Led Opto Electronic Co., Ltd's main products is: LED display rental series, indoor and outdoor commercial LED screens, etc. With a professional team and workshop, we can design according to customers' requirements. And we can provide customers with training on the operation and maintenance of commercial LED displays. If there is any question about the product, you can notify by email and will reply immediately until helping customers to solve the problem.

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