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How to install rental led display

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How to install rental led display

This article are mainly tell you: what we should do before and after rental led screen installation, and how to do rental led screen setups.

Main catalogue:
1. Before installation

2. During installation

3. After installation

4. How to install rental led display

1. Before installation

(1) Properly design according to the venue.

The LED display rental company needs to analyze the size of the venue, visual distance, expected visual effects and surrounding environment, and then provide the corresponding installation design plan.

(2) The number of LED screens required.

Before installation, the number of LED screens required should be calculated. More importantly, according to the number of LED displays, how many wires, signal lines and other related equipment also should be calculated.

(3) Labor preparation and training.

Basically, there will be two groups of staff who will be responsible for the installation and operation of the rental LED screens. They need to have basic training on screens to install and run them in a proper way.

2. During the installation

(1) Avoid collisions with the corners of the LED display rental cabinet during the installation process, because the LED lamp beads are easily damaged by pressure.

(2) Maintaining a level and stable speed when taking out the LED box from the packaging box to avoid possible friction between the box and the surface of the box.

(3) When connecting power lines and signal lines between different LED boxes, you can choose to connect through the mounting holes to ensure a beautiful appearance.

(4) Use reliable support equipment: The load-bearing capacity, strength and stability of the support equipment will have a great impact on the safety of the leased LED screen display.

(5) Ensure the close connection between different LED screens. The entire rental LED wall is usually assembled by LED boxes. If one of the cabinets is not firmly connected to the other cabinets, the panels may fall apart, causing safety problems.

3. After installation

(1) After the event, arrange the power cord and signal line, and store the LED box in a suitable place to prevent moisture or overheating.

(2) When putting the LED display module into the storage box, please handle it gently to avoid unnecessary damage.

4. How to install rental led display

There are usually two typical installation methods, including stacked installation and suspended installation, depending on several factors, such as the weight capacity of the supporting structure, the number of LED displays and the environment.

Determining which method is suitable is a necessary work and requires some research, because this will affect the final display effect and the safety of the audience.

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