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ATOP-PO Series Transparent Curtain Window Glass Led Video Wall Display High Brightness Transparent Led Screen


       500x125mm Module
      1000x500/1000x1000mm Cabinet
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Transparent LED Display

TR-A/TR-B Series

Transparency rate over 70%

Super energy-saving, only 1/3 normal display

aluminum profile or die-casting aluminum cabinet

1000x1000mm and 1000x500mm size available

Ultrathin and light, stable and easy to install

Good abrasion resistance and draftability

Transparent LED Display

Ultra-light and thin

TR-A series transparent screen adopts die-casting aluminum structure, the size is 1000x500mm, the weight is only 11kg/sqm.

TR-B series transparent screen adopts aluminum profile structure, the size is 1000x500mm or 1000x1000mm, the weight is only 8kg/sqm.

The ultra-light cabinet fully meet the glass curtain wall load demand. Can be directly attached to the original glass curtain wall keel structure installation, no need to install additional steel structure, saving space and installation cost.

Ultra-light and thin transparent led screen

High Transparency

Simplified structural design, with a permeability of more than 70%. which ensures the original lighting and perspective function of the glass wall

High Transparency led screen

Quick installation

The die-casting cabinet adopts a quick lock, and the profile aluminum cabinet adopts a wireless rear design, which has a stable and quick installation.

Quick installation led screen

Energy saving

Super power saving, power consumption is only 1/3 of ordinary display screens.

Energy saving led screen

Easy maintenance

The rear cover can be quickly disassembled for maintenance.

Easy maintenance

Front protection option

Support no mask, black mask, acrylic panel. Three configuration options for panels.

Acrylic panel strength is high, the disadvantages is oblique side view reflective; black mask permeability is good, oblique side is not reflective. Acrylic panel is more collision resistant.  

If the installation environment is high altitude or no one touches it, the design without mask can be adopted to save costs.

Front protection option

3D effect

Play special materials, presenting stereoscopic 3D effects.

3D effects led screen

Wide application

The transparent LED screen can be applied to most of the building glass curtain walls, and the design is compatible to match any scene, which don't take up space. Applicable to chain stores, jewelry stores, 4S car stores, commercial squares and other applications.

Wide application led screen

Main parameter specification:

Item P3.91-7.81-8S-TR-B P3.91-7.81-16S-TR-B P3.91-7.81-8S-TR-A P3.91-7.81-16S-TR-A
Pixel pitch 3.91mm-7.81mm 3.91mm-7.81mm
LED encapsulation SMD1921 SMD1921/SMD2121 SMD1921 SMD1921/SMD2121

1000*1000*75 1000*500*65
Cabinet size (mm) (Size   can be customized according to the project)
Cabinet resolution (W × H) 256*128 256*64
Pixel density (dots/㎡) 32768 32768
Cabinet material Aluminum   profile Die-casting   aluminum
Weight (kg/㎡) 8kg/㎡ 11kg/㎡
Permeability ≥65%
Refresh rate (Hz) ≥   1920
Brightness (cd/㎡),adjustable 4500cd 2000cd/600cd 4500cd 2000cd/600cd
Peak power consumption (W/㎡) 720 220 720 370
Average power consumption (W/㎡) 240 80 240 100
Gray scale (Bit) 16
Horizontal viewing angle ( °) 140°
Vertical viewing angle ( °) 140°
Maximum contrast ≥3000:1
Color temperature (K) 3000-9300K   adjustable
Operating voltage (V) AC:110V~240V、50~60Hz
Operating temperature range (°C) -20°C~+65°C
Maintenance method Front/rear   maintenance
Lifespan (Hr) ≥100000

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