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16.5888 square meters P10 outdoor led screen 24pcs 960x960mm iron cabinets to Congo customer

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Chapter1: Specification of this P10 outdoor led screen

Chapter2: The economic solution:960x960mm standard size waterproof IP65 iron cabinet for P10 outdoor led screen

Chapter3: Kinglight SMD3535 led lamp,ICN2037 driver IC for P10 outdoor led module

Chapter4: Why choose CL power supply?

Chapter5:Control system: Linsn X100 video processor and Linsn 908V32 receiving card

Chapter6: How does customer use this p10 outdoor led screen?

Chapter1: Specification of this P10 outdoor led screen

Full size:16.5888 square meters

Cabinet size: Iron 960mmx960mm cabinet, total 24 cabinets

Led module: 320mmx160mm p10 1/2 scan

LEDs: Kinglight SMD3535

Driver IC: ICN2037

Brightness: more than 6000nits

Refresh rate:1920hz

Video processor with sending card: Linsn X100

Receiving card: Linsn 908V32

Power supply: CL 200w

960x960mm P10 outdoor led screen to Congo-aging test-front view

960x960mm P10 outdoor led screen to Congo-aging test-rear view1

Chapter2: The economic solution:960x960mm standard size waterproof IP65 iron cabinet for outdoor led screen.


This Congo customer told us that he want to purchase a p10 outdoor led screen, which will be installed on cross road for advertising in outside. But he said he would like a simple cabinet, which don’t have back door like the below picture, it means the cabinet is not waterproof. As we known, it’s very important to be waterproof with the led module, the  cabinet and the frame structure, because there will be rain water directly on the surface of the screen when it is placed outdoors. But the frame structure is exposed to the sun and rain, and changes in external conditions such as temperature can easily cause partial waterproofing failure over time. Therefore, the cabinet waterproof is the most important, it can protect the power supply, receiving card and other components in the cabinet from short circuit and burnt due to water entering. After listening to my suggestion, the customer chose a waterproof cabinet.

simple iron cabinet-application

IP65 waterproof iron cabinet

Heat dissipation is very important for outdoor led screen displays. Especially in African countries like Congo, where the sunshine hours are relatively long. A very interesting phenomenon, in the summer we prefer to wear light-colored clothes, because we think that dark-colored clothes will absorb more sun light, causing us to feel very hot. It makes sense, so my client choose a gray cabinet instead of a black cabinet.

960x960mm iron cabinet-gray

Actually, if you want to achieve the best heat dissipation effect, considering only from the cabinet, the 960mmx960mm die-cast magnesium cabinet is undoubtedly the best choice. This cabinet is ultra-light and thin, even lighter than the die-cast aluminum cabinet, and it has fast heat dissipation, protecting the led module circuit effectively.

960mmx960mm die casting magnesium cabinet-without fly plug

Furthermore, in order to achieve optimal heat dissipation, it is necessary to reduce power consumption from the technical aspects of led modules and power supplies. ATOP LED latest outdoor energy saving led screen series(Common-cathode cool led display) will be the best choice. Common-cathode energy saving led display is power supplied separately, using the low-voltage led module and low-voltage power supplies (2.8V and 3.8V), which effectively reduces the power consumption and greatly reduces the heat generated during the operation of the led screen.

energy saving led module

energy saving power supply

so if you have a project for p10 outdoor led screen, there are three choice for you.

1. Normal p10 outdoor led screen with 960mmx960mm waterproof IP65 iron cabinet, it's the most economical solution if you have a limit budget.

More information about this solution you can click :Outdoor SMD Full Color P10 Led Panel Large Display Screens for Advertising

2.Normal p10 outdoor led screen with 960mmx960mm waterproof IP65 die casting magnesium cabinet. The cost of the die-cast magnesium cabinet is about 30-50USD per square meter higher than the cost of the iron cabinet.

More information about this solution you can click : P10 Outdoor Led Billboard Gaint Led Screen for Fixed Installtaion

3.Common-cathode energy saving outdoor P10 led screen with 960mmx960mm waterproof IP65 die casting magnesium cabinet. If you have high requirements for power consumption, heat dissipation, and sufficient budget, this is the best choice.

More information about this solution you can click : Front And Rear Maintenance P10 Energy Saving Outdoor Advertising Led Display Screen

Chapter3: Kinglight SMD3535 led lamp for P10 outdoor led module

The complete led screen is assembled by led module, cabinet, power supply, sending card, receiving card, etc. The most important component is the LED module, and the led module is composed of LED lamp beads, driver chips and other components. Here I will introduce the led lamp and driver IC in detail.

p10 led screen accessories

1.Kinglight SMD3535 led lamp for p10 outdoor led module

LED lamp beads are the most critical component of a full-color outdoor LED display. The choice of LED lamp beads has determined the quality of more than 50% of the entire led screen. It is equivalent to the CPU of a computer. If you fail to choose a good LED, no matter how good the other parts of the display are, it will not be able to make up for the defects of the display quality. Therefore, the LED lamp beads account for the largest proportion of the overall cost of the LED display, ranging from 30% to 70%. This is why the outdoor p10 led screen quotations you get from different manufacturers have a big difference.

At present, the more well-known LED lamp bead brands in the Chinese market are Nationstar, kinglight, Kn-light, Hongsheng, Mulinsen.

Internationally well-known brands of LED lamp beads are Cree (made in the United States) and Nichia (made in Japan), and their stability and performance are the best. However, the cost of a single led lamp of Cree and Nichia is 3-5 times than Nationstar. The price per square meter will be 5-6 times higher. Therefore, there are currently fewer customers using these two brands. Only 3-5% of very important projects will choose Cree and Nichia.

So I will now introduce in detail the main LED lamp bead brands on the market now: Nationstar, kinglight, Kn-light, Hongsheng, Mulinsen.


The top level: Nationstar

For customers with high quality requirements, 95% will choose to use the Nationstar LED. The Nationstar LEDs also have different quality levels, such as high-bright gold wire, gold wire, and copper wire.


The middle level: kinglight/Kn-light

The price will be lower than Nationstar. For some projects, if the budget is really limited, then Kinglight/Knlight LED will be the first choice. The failure rate of the Kinglight LEDs is good, generally speaking, there will be a small problem in every two or three years.


The third level: Hongsheng/mulinsen

Some factories focusing on wholesale market will use Hongsheng/mulinsen leds, so the price will be more advantageous. This led module is very popular in the wholesale market, especially in the Asian market. In recent two years, the stability of this led module is also good, generally, there will be no big problem within two years.


For outdoor use, ATOPLED only use Nationstar and Kinglight LED lamp, Which have the high reliability and contrast, wide view angle and good consistency to keep natural color at one time with best color uniformity. But our Congo customer told us that he has a limited budget but he required good quality, so we recommended Kinglight smd3535 led lamp for his P10 outdoor led screen.

2.ICN2037 driver IC for p10 outdoor led module

The driver IC for SMD full-color led screen is a dedicated chip, and its biggest feature is that the current is constant, which is the basis for ensuring high picture quality. High image quality means a high refresh rate. Generally, the refresh rate needs to reach 1920HZ to have a good visual experience.

At present, several drive IC brands commonly used in the market are Macroblock, Chipone and SM Micro.Macroblock focuses on overseas mid-to-high-end application markets, and Chipone is the largest LED driver display chip supplier in China.

Driver IC brands

Currently our commonly used driver IC models are: MBI5124, MBI5153, ICN2153, ICN2163, ICN2037, ICN2038S, ICN2019, ICN2049, ICN2069, SM16238S, SM16169. The refresh rate of these ICs is 1920-3840HZ, among which the refresh rate of MBI5153, ICN2153, ICN2163, SM16169 can reach 3840HZ. In addition, ICN2019, ICN2049, ICN2069 are mainly used for our common cathode energy-saving led screens.

high grey scale high refresh rate

How to choose the right driver IC for the led screen?

you should consider your audience's distance from the led screen.

if your audience will be close to the screen at an event or trade show, you need to consider a higher resolution for maximum clarity.

If the screen will be farther away from your audience in a stadium or on a billboard, you can get away with a lower resolution without sacrificing experience for your audience.

Our Congo customer told us that his p10 outdoor led screen will be used for outdoor advertising, so 1920HZ is enough, then we used ICN2037.

There is a video to introduce to how to produce led module and our p10 outdoor led screen with 960x960mm iron cabinet on aging test in workshop.

Chapter4: Why choose CL power supply?

The Congo customer told us that the power supplies of his friend's outdoor led screen were all burned out and sent us the photos. He thought it was the reason for the power quality. So he has very high requirements on the reliability of the power supply.

Burnt out power supply

Burnt out power supply (2)

Power supply burnout may be caused by many reasons, such as a short circuit caused by water in the cabinet or excessive internal temperature. It may also be a problem of power supply quality.

The power supply is the heart of the LED display. Customers have higher and higher requirements for the reliability of the power supply. Due to the unpredictable changes in the installation environment, it is recommended to choose a product with moisture protection as much as possible for the fixed installation of the outdoor led screens.

The life span of the power supply should be matched with the life span of the LED, and should meet the requirements of installation rules and electromagnetic compatibility. The power supply structure should be waterproof and moisture-proof, and the shell should be resistant to sunlight. It is best to increase the negative feedback of the LED temperature in the constant current output to prevent the LED temperature from being too high.

At present, the more well-known power supply brands with high stability and reliability in the market include CL, MW, G-energy, and Rongdian. ATOP LED generally recommends these models to customers, and from the past customer use, the feedback is very good.

power supply brands

For this P10 outdoor led screen,we recommend use CL 200W power supply, 960mmx960mm cabinet with 5 pcs power supply.

960mmx960mm P10 outdoor led screen with 5 pcs 200w cl power supply

Chapter5: Control system: Linsn X100 video processor and Linsn 908V32 receiving card


There are two control methods for the LED display: synchronous control and asynchronous control.

Synchronous control card

This kind of LED control card requires a computer system to display advertising media on the LED display. This type of control card is suitable for applications that need to change the display media frequently or need to display a large amount of media on it (such as huge outdoor TVs or huge billboards).


Asynchronous control card

Unlike the synchronous control card, the asynchronous control card does not require any computer to control. All advertising media are stored in the internal memory, and then the control card plays according to the programmed schedule. This type of control card is suitable for any application that does not need to be updated daily, such as commercial LED displays, LED school signs, and LED displays behind windows. This type of control card can provide USB, cable, Wi-Fi or GPRS options.


At present, the commonly used control system brands on the market are Linsn, Novastar, colorlight, HD.

Because the main purpose of the customer's P10 led screen is to advertise outdoors, there is no requirement for other special functions. And the client’s budget is limited. So we recommended him the synchronization system linsn x100.

X100 is a cost-effective and practical LED display controller. The dual network ports directly output and connect to the LED display screen with the Linsn receiving card, which is more convenient for installation. It can fully meet the needs of this customer, so it is an ideal choice for him.

Linsn control system

Chapter6: How does customer use this p10 outdoor led screen?

The customer said that this outdoor p10 led screen will be permanently installed at outdoor intersections for advertising purposes. However, it was not installed as scheduled after receiving the goods.

What's interesting is that the client used this P10 outdoor led screen to hold several events. And the customer expressed that the effect is very good and they are very satisfied with our led screen. Because it is the first time for the customer to buy a led screen, he has no experience in how to light up the screen. With the online support of our technicians and sales, the customer successfully lights up the led screen and the event ends successfully.

After the first event, our sale compiled a detailed document of how to set up this outdoor P10 led screen, including every step from the connection of the cabinet to light up the screen. Customers can already operate independently in the next few events. Customer are very satisfied with our led screen and our service.

customer feedback (1)

customer feedback (2)

customer feedback

customer feedback

And finally customer finished this p10 outdoor led screen installation outdoor.

960x960mm p10 ourdoor led screen installation

Actually, if you want a led screen to be used in events show, we have rental led screen series for your option, which is more light with die-casting cabinet and more easy to assemble and disassemble with fast locks.

Usually the p4.81 outdoor led screen is very hot in rental market, we have 500x500mm and 500x1000mm two sizes of cabinets.

500x500mm die casting aluminum cabinet for p3.91 p4.81 led screen

500x1000mm die casting aluminum cabinet for p3.91 p4.81 led screen

500x1000mm die casting aluminum cabinet for p3.91 p4.81

But if you want a more economical solution, this 960x960mm die-cast magnesium cabinet is a very good choice, suitable for P4/p5/p8/p10

960x960mm die casting magnesium cabinet with fly plug

If you want to know more information about rental led screen, you can click :Rental led display solution


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