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NOVASTAR Armor Series LED Receiving Card

NOVASTAR-A5s Plus/A7s Plus/A8s-N/A10s Plus-N/A10s Pro
LED Receiving Card 
2 Years Warranty
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Armor Series Receiving Card

Improving image quality through the optimization of every pixel

Full Grayscale Calibration

Full grayscale calibration is designed to solve color blocks and inaccurate color issues with Mini LED and Micro LED displays. By generating calibration coefficients for each grayscale level, the uniformity of an LED display can be improved dramatically.

Higher contrast ratio

By enhancing bright and dark content details to the idea level, an SDR source can deliver HDR-like effect, ensuring no overexposure in bright areas and no loss of detail in shadows.

Power saving with dynamic algorithm

With real-time analysis, brightness is adjusted dynamically frame by frame, saving 20%-40% power, extending the lifespan of an LED display.

Image Booster

22bit+ technology allows for 64 times grayscale improvement, with 0.002nits precision control of brightness, providing a fine and vivid display image even in low brightness conditions.

Precise Grayscale using professional optical instruments allows for more accurate brightness control of every LED chip, making the EOTF curve (like gamma) much more accurate. This results in a natural image and improved color casting in low brightness.

Intelligent color management allows for a perfect match between the display’s color gamut and that of the source video. This eliminates color deviation, especially the common issue of reddish skin color. This adherence to the original intended color allows the natural beauty of the original source video to shine.

Display the world as it is meant to be seen

Working with the controller that supports HDR functionality, the receiving card can reproduce the original brightness range and color space of the video source, allowing for a more lifelike image.


A5s Plus
A7s Plus
A10s Plus-N
A10s Pro

Loading capacity512×384512×512512×384512×512512×512
Parallel RGB data groups3232323232
Serial data groups6464646464
Temperature, voltage and communication status monitoring
Dual-card backup
Automatic calibration
Pixel level brightness and chroma calibration
Calibration coefficient backup××
Firmware program readback
Individual gamma adjustment for RGB
Precise grayscale××
Color management
Full grayscale calibration××××
Shutter fit××××
Dynamic booster××××

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