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LINSN RV908M32 LED Receiving Card

LED Receiving Card 
2 Years Warranty
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Linsn rv908M32 led receiving card Support 1/32 Scan For HD Indoor led display module. RV908M with HUB75 Interface is designed for standardized led display products, DO NOT NEED LED Hub Card,The functionality is fully compatible with the RV901 led receiving card, the same size, equial to the RV901 plus HUB75 hub card.

The RV908M LED Receiving Card have 12 PCS HUB75E and Support 1/32 Scan way for the indoor led module such as p2.5mm,p3mm.

Linsn RV908m32 has the Features compared with RV801:

1.It has 12 pcs HUB75 of 16P interface,Hub card is no need anymore.

2.support 12-bit color HDMI inputs (need to send cards with nine generations)

3.using 18 signal processors, maximum support RGB each 18 (260,000) gray

4.single card maximum support 1024X256 pixels, 1,024 single-point color correction

5.supports single-card color space conversion

6.Support configuration file readback

7.support program to copy

8.hot backup support dual receiver card for demanding performances Screen

9.support pixel fault detection (to be supported by a dedicated chip)

10.Support the network cable BERT

11.Support for cable fault detection

12.support cabinet door switch monitoring

13.Two fan speed monitoring

14.three-way voltage monitor, all the way for the system, two external power supply box

15.temperature monitoring

16.Humidity Monitor (need humidity sensor)

17.Smoke Monitor (need smoke module)

18.CE-EMC standards in line with EU

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