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P2 Indoor Rental high definition Led Display

Pixel pitch:2mm
Led Module size:256x128mm
Die casting aluminum cabinet: 512x512mm
MOQ: 1 square meter
ISO9001, CE, FCC, RoHS,CCC Approved
2-3 Year Warranty
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P2 indoor led display,high resolution led video wall

With the LED display technology and the display market demand are constantly growing, also the unit price is more and more cheaper, high resolution led display market requirement are always increasing. The pixels like p2 is now becoming very popular. 



1. Lightweight - weighs only 10KG, single person can be a single portable, and extremely easy to install;
2. Thin - box with die casting aluminum, high-strength, high toughness, high precision and difficult to deformation, for the transport of effort;
3. High-precision - accurate to size of the electrical and mechanical processing 0.1mm;
4. Compatible - the new structure designed to meet the lifting, stacking requirements to meet the indoor and outdoor requirements;
5. Fast - up and down box connected by quick-locking mechanism, 10 seconds to complete a cabinet installation, the installation of high accuracy;
6. Reliable - high strength hardness, good heat dissipation;
7. Cost - light weight housing, low cost of installation required; low power box, save operating costs and reduce labor costs.
8. Indication lights to show status of power and signal status
9. Fast cooling: excellent heat dissipation performance to protect the module circuit

Details Description: 


1. High resolution, High definition Video

With SMD technology, small pixels pitch. Smooth and vivid videos without ripple and blank, High Definition image delivery, Clear images restored accurately, Bringing to the audience greatest visual enjoy

P2.5 led module                              

                                                          2. Standard led module size

                                                                  Module size :256*128mm

                                                                  Nice appearance and simple structures

                                                                  Thin and Light Panel Design

                                                                  Superior consistency coupled

Indoor led screen-Compared

3. High quality led

High Stability Nationstar/kinglight lamp

High efficient LED chip, low power consumption

Less heat dissipation make

Guarantees a reliable performance

Excellent color reproduction capability


4. To achieve the best visual performance of indoor rental led display, we use the best Driving IC, such as MBI5124,ICN2038, ICN2153,ICN2053,MBI5153 with high refresh rate >1920HZ,high grey level with latest technology.

wide viewing angle led screen

5. Wide viewing angle

Wide view angle: 160 ° viewing angle

The maximum to meet viewing needs

Flicker-free video images

Bringing you instantly back to the natural world

Video processor input

6. Led video processor can receive different signals like HDMI,SDI,VGA from DVD or other video player to show the best video effects for your led display applications.

7. ATOP LED has the Strictly LED Display Quality Control From the Materials, Such as LED Chips, Driving IC, LED Module and LED Cabinet to LED Display Panel. To Achieve The Best Effects For LED Screen and LED Display Control System Solutions


8. Wide application

P3 indoor led display can be many indoor environment for commercial advertising or information delivery or decorations.

indoor led display application

Technology parameter:

P2 indoor led display

Product name

P2-32s indoor LED display

Pixel pitch


Unit plate size


Unit box size

512* 512*80 (mm)

Physical density


Panel resolution

128*64=8192 DOTS

Box resolution


Die casting aluminum weight


Best visual Angle

2m ~ 33m

Level of viewing Angle

160 degree

Vertical of viewing An

160 degree

The average power consumption

< 360w / m2

The maximum power consumption

< 900 w /m2

Refresh rate

more than 1920Hz/3840Hz


1000 CD / m2

Frame switching frequency


Brightness adjustment

brightness induction ,automatically adjusts 16 levels of adjustable

Software manual adjustment

100 level adjustable 100

LED packaging 


Power input

AC 110V-240V



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